Huawei Discovery Expedition Phone

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Huawei Discovery Expedition Phone
Big time team ups to bring cool mobile handsets have always been pretty successful ventures. Mobile handset manufacturing team ups are not so common and usually it involves two mobile phone industries or a mobile phone company and a music device manufacturing company and a few others. But if unlikely duos team up to bring out a mobile, then it's going to be unique in its own way.

Such is the case when one of the largest Media Organization in the World, Discovery Communications, made it public that they are teaming up with a Mobile phone manufacturing Behemoth organization, Huawei Devices, at a global level. Their partnership would introduce to the World a new handset known as Huawei Discovery Expedition Phone. This team up indicates that Huawei has already become a major, successful handset provider in countries like America, Europe, Australia, China and other global markets.

It's obvious that Discovery wouldn't just team up with any mobile company, but only one of the best; one in which they see a lot of potential. Huawei Discovery Expedition Phone is Discovery's official lifestyle brand mobile device. The Huawei Discovery Expedition Phone can be categorized as World proof, as it features a waterproof body and is dust proof and shock proof as well. It will be GPS enabled and packs everything you would need to go out on an adventure in the wild, namely torch, Compass, G sensor etc.

Social networking facilities are also integrated in Huawei Discovery Expedition Phone letting you access Facebook, Twitter etc in an instant. According to Discovery, this phone would be a great choice for travelers who want to share their experiences during their travels with their friends (hence the social networking apps). According to Nicolas Bonard, Senior VP, Discovery Enterprises International, Discovery has been devising a lot of strategies to improve the consumer interaction and interest to their lifestyle brand of products. He also said that Huawei-Discovery Expedition is a part of the initiative they have made to improve the demand of their outdoor apparel merchandise in the lifestyle category. Apparently, this Huawei's first partnership with Discovery Communications to develop a World proof mobile phone which suits not only communication purposes but also most lifestyle requirements of an individual. Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Devices, Victor Xu also made a statement that they would be obliged to work with Discovery channel in the future to develop great products which hopefully would be widely approved.

The complete media power of Discovery Communications and online/offline ads will be used for promoting Huawei Discovery Expedition Phone, which is planned to be launched this year itself. Specifications of the phone would be announced soon along with the price in India details.

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