Huawei reveals the world's thinnest mobile

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Huawei reveals the world's thinnest mobile

The largest mobile phone manufacturer of China, Huawei has released a new smartphone yesterday which is claimed the thinnest smartphone in the current market. This one factor is enough to boost the share of the company in the global consumer market.

Huawei's Ascend smartphone is expected to cost around $400 approximately and the final price is yet to be announced.

In 2011, Huawei accounted for $6.8 billion sales which was about 40% increase from that of 2010 which was $4.8 billion. This figure last year meets with the high end target of reaching $6 to $7 billion of sales in last November by the company.

The Ascend smartphone of Huawei is available in three different colors like pink, white and black and is displayed at the CES 2012. The phone is only 6.68 mm thick and will be made available in the Asian, European and North American markets in April 2012.

The touch screen display of the smartphone will be covered by the Gorilla Glass display of Corning Inc and the device makes use of a 1.5 Ghz multi-core processor of Texas Instruments.

Huawei is in the field of consumer devices since 2004 and it is famous for its routers, switches, telecom networks and hubs power. It releases new tablets and smartphones in order to come to the top position among the handset manufacturers across the globe in the next couple of years.

Click Here to view its detailed specifications.

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