Huawei To Launch Low Cost Android Phones

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Huawei To Launch Low Cost Android Phones
Huawei, the Chinese manufacturers of performance oriented handsets have announced a new so surprising and delightful. Officials of Huawei have announced the launch of a new Huawei Android Smartphone which will have price in India starting from RS 4,000. The news has raised expectations and also questions at the same time. People first of all want to know whether the news is true and the second question they ask is why. Huawei has its explanations.

The low price new Android that would be launched by Huawei won't have 3G or will be capable to offer any of its services. This will be the only thing that it would be wanting when compared with other Android devices that are out in the market. Manufacturers of Huawei have assured the world that their new budget Android will have all other characteristic features of a typical Android phone. This is a great advantage to all those who have dreamed about owning a new Android. The news make sense to those who have an Android in hands but fails to use the 3G services just because either they aren't aware or because the network wont be that supportive in offering the services of 3G.To them, the new Android will really become a savior.

The new Android will have all those features of an Android mobile like WiFi connectivity, an active GPS and Bluetooth device etc. One of the handset might be a Huawei u8110 which has a screen display of 2.8 inch and runs on an Android 2.1.The version can be hopefully expanded to an Android 2.2 in the versions that would be made available in India. In spite of other cheaper phones in the market, the new Android is expected to have a high priority considering the price rang it will be presented with in the market. According to Huawei the Smartphone handsets will have a price in India that lies between RS 4000 and RS 6000.

The marketing manager and solutions director at Huawei, Mr. Anand Narang while talking to the media said that Huawei apart from their high end devices like Vision and Mediapad will now concentrate in launching the new low cost Android. He also confirmed the news that the new handset will lack a 3G. But according to him, that has helped a lot in drastically decreasing the handset price. The news is sure to force other manufacturers to come up with such innovative products featured at such low price in India.

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