Hydrogen powered mobile innovation from Apple soon

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Hydrogen powered mobile innovation from Apple soon

We have been hearing news about the rise of cool new technologies, each day. Most of them come integrated with smartphones from various companies, thereby getting popular as soon as the smartphones are launched. These technologies have always been much appreciated, not to mention awaited too. All Mobile handset manufacturers make use of most new technologies in their handsets. But Apple is the most popular when it comes to feature-rich technology integrated mobile devices.

Apple’s iPhones are considered to be the best handsets with the coolest technologies. Apple makes use of these technologies wisely, thereby making their handsets very much desirable. There have been quite a few reports about Apple’s plan to integrate an awesome new technology in their smartphones range, Reports from The Telegraph states that Apple has recently submitted two documents, to the US Patent and Trademark office. According to The Telegraph, Apple’s documents consist of patent ideas of Apple to integrate Hydrogen technology in their works.

This means that Apple seems to be preparing for a revolution with their new smartphones, which doesn’t require a large, heavy battery to power up the device. This also means that the smartphones will be lighter. This is exactly why Apple plans to release Hydrogen powered smartphones, which offers more charge efficiency than those coming with heavy batteries.

Hydrogen is a revolutionary new technology which hasn’t been kept a secret. Hardcore gadget buffs might already know of its merits. It’s popularly known as Hydrogen fuel cells, coming with great power. Hydrogen fuel cells make use of Hydrogen and oxygen, combiniil every part of their new idea. Such a technology in a smartphone means nothing less than revolution.

It hasn’t been donng them to make water. The water is then converted as electrical energy. Apple apparently intends to use this in their smartphones. The Telegraph states that Apple has described in detae before and Apple seems to be confident enough to make it a reality in their smartphones. This could be very useful when you consider the fact that your handset can and may run out of juice during emergencies. This technology in smartphones would significantly reduce that possibility. Apple’s two patent documents which were submitted to the US Patent and Trademark office are:

  • Fuel cell systems to power a portable computing device

  • Fuel cell systems coupled to a portable computing device
The computing devices may be tablets or smartphones. Apple has reportedly stated in the documents that these fuel cells have the potential to deliver great gravimetric and volumetric densities which would eventually make the device coupled to them, capable of operating continuously for days or even weeks, without requiring any refuelling. Another fact is that these fuel cells are environment friendly, replacing toxic batteries and significantly reducing radiation effects in the handsets.

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