MWC 2013: i-Mate Shows Windows 8 Pro Running Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop

By: Anuj Bhatia

In July 2007, i-mate JASJAR was chosen by Member of Parliament (MPs) to be used in-house. The company had a decent track record, at least, in India. The manufacturer used to make high-end phones powered by Windows OS. The same year, iPhone made its grand entry into the world, side-by-side, BlackBerry also become popular, hence i-mate progress came to a halt.

Player including i-mate and O2, planned to seal down their offices, and made a disappointing exit. However, according to the recent report, there is a possibility of revival of one of the above mobile manufacturer. Dubai based i-mate now eyes enterprise segment. In an interview given to The Seattle Times, Jim Morrison, CEO, i-mate, plans to revive its company with the help of Intel and Microsoft.

The company will announce a new smartphone running on Windows 8 Pro OS (do not mess with WP8), and Intel's "Clover Trail "inside. The device will run fully fledged mature Windows software. i-mate is aiming to target corporate clients with company's new offering. Currently dubbed as Intelegent, the handset will costs around $750(Rs.40,406).

It will arrive with a 4.7-inch display, 2GB of RAM, HSPA+, 4G LTE and 64GB of internal storage. The maker is also planning to sell the device along with a 10-inch wireless tablet with 1080 display, 23-inch touch screen monitor(including keyboard and mouse), and dock, for $1600 (Rs.86,200). They call it as desktop hardware suite. The company is aiming to assemble as many as 10,000 units per week in California -based factory.

GizBot made an effort to visit i-mate India website. Interestingly, one can link the above mentioned report with company's Indian operations. Which says, "More information coming soon...We're going to change the way you work and the way you think about your PC and mobile phone. Stay tuned!"

With i-mate Intelegent, it seems that the company is eyeing Indian corporates for such devices. It is to be seen when the powerful device lands up in the Indian market. As of now, one has to be satisfied with the so-called images of i-mate Intelegent. Stay tuned to GizBot.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

i-Mate Windows 8 Pro Running Smartphone

i-Mate Tablet and Desktop

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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