i-Tel Launches i-Tel i786, Mobile For Muslim Consumers

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i-Tel Launches i-Tel i786, Mobile For Muslim Consumers
Not so familiar brand i-Tel has made entry into the Indian mobile sector with some innovative idea to address the attention of Indian buyers, particularly the Muslims. i-Tel India (P) Limited is an local company which was established two years back in 2009 which is now handling a work force of 200 people. The company has made many launches before, but went unnoticed. Now the latest launch of i-Tel i786 is has started making buzz in the mobile industry.

i-Tel i786 incorporates several software applications exclusively for the convenience of Muslim community. The software Azan alarms and prayer timings are perfect choice to attract Muslim buyers. Additionally you can also find customized Muslim calendar, which is again a remarkable idea to be included. And the most attractive feature you could ever find is the Zakat calculator. According to a senior authority of the company the strategy of the company is to facilitate Muslims with all the facilities to make mobile phone more useful and helpful. He also added that the launch of such specialized handset is not only for making business profit by focusing on a community or caste. It is the part of corporate social responsibility of the company as 2.5 percent of the earning through i-Tel i786 will be contributed to poor Muslim children.

Looking into the key features and specifications, the handset is primarily designed to host two SIM cards at the same time. The dual SIM feature will enhance the facilities of many users in using two networks and reduce the cost of owning another mobile phone. It also has features for enjoyment and refreshment such as media player which supports MP3 and MP4 files. Moreover i-Tel i786 will also feature Bluetooth with quite efficient performance so that the user can transfer files from other Bluetooth enabled gadgets. The specialty of the Bluetooth is that it can be easily paired with any other handset from any other company. As far as camera is concern, you can find 1.3 mega pixel camera for capturing images as well as recording video.

Can you imagine how many languages this particular innovative handset can support? It is well engineered to support around 11 languages. Some of the languages, apart form English is Hindi, Urdu and Indonesian etc. it also supports Persian, Turkish and Bengali. i-Tel i786 will be available all over India very soon according to the executives of the company. The price in India of the handset is around 2,999 in the Indian market.

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