iBALL SHAAN S315 Review

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iBALL SHAAN S315 Review
iBALL is known for its high quality products in the consumer electronics segment. It has made a significant presence in the Indian market by releasing products with a cheaper price at the same time maintaining a better level of performance. The contender for the iBall includes nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Huawei etc. But iBALL always is on the look out for the implementation of latest generation technologies so as to achieve a greater share of the customer satisfaction.

The latest product to be released in the Indian market is iBALL SHAAN S315 which is a dual SIM phone where you can use dual SIM network connections simultaneously at a time. iBALL SHAAN S315 comes with a lot of advanced basic features as well as additional features that is not seen before in other mobile phones. The product was unveiled on the month of September in the year of 2011. The product has been launched targeting the growing middle class community emerging in India. iBALL is expecting this product to make greater sales in the Indian market. The mobile phone comes with certain advantages as well as disadvantages. The screen size is small with just about 2 inches.

The advantages include the presence of camera through which we can take high quality photos. It also provides the users with a talk time of 6 hours. iBALL SHAAN S315 has a standby time of a whopping 500 hours. The memory storage capacity is about 8GB. It also comes with connectivity that includes Bluetooth connectivity and internet connection. The handset also consists of a memory card where you can store a list of songs and play according to your choice. It also comes with some basic features such as the presence of radio and the media player.

Even though some of the disadvantages of iBALL SHAAN S315 includes the absence of 3G facilities and the absence of touch screen analysts consider that this product is worth its price. They are also working hard to include the presence of the Wi-Fi connectivity as well as the torch applications with the above mentioned 3G as well as the touch screen facilities in the future up gradation of the model at the same time maintaining lower price that is existing now so as to satisfy the customer base.

The price in India of this iBALL SHAAN S315 mobile phone is around 2,000 Rs. With all these benefits as well as the drawbacks the iBall's new mobile phone has, it is still going to make great sales taking in to consideration the price in India of the mobile phones which most of the analysts say is more worth than its price in India.

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