International iPhone Photography Contest: Take a Look At The Top 5 Photos That Won

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Camera phones are the newest fad in the block. Almost all the new smartphones currently appearing in the maket offer dedicated camera support that look to make the most out of fans who live and swear by photography.

In fact, the camera phones of this age have already reached such a level that the image quality is quite hard to distinguish from a normal digital camera from the likes of Canon or Nikon.

Honoring the spirit of photography via smartphones, recently, there was an international contest held that asked contestants to click images via their iPhones as part of the eighth annual iPhone Photography Awards.

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Needless to say, some of the most breathtaking images were submitted, all of them being deserving winners in their right. While some decided to try out their expertise in the wildlife section, other made full use of architectural structures to glorify their images.

And the images were, well, more than life. Take a look at the top 5 in our list.

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1st Place

2014 Photographer of the Year (Julio Lucas/IPPA)

2nd Place

2014 Photographer of the Year (Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez/IPPA)

2nd Place

Architecture (Chun Wai To/IPPA)

3rd Place

Landscape (Craig Harvey/IPPA)

3rd Place

Animals (Teddy Cohen/IPPA)

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