The 'Invisible iPhone', A Virtual Gadget!

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The 'Invisible iPhone', A Virtual Gadget!
When it comes to technology, there are a million master minds behind it. A huge competition, between major companies like that of Apple, Nokia, Samsung and various others when it comes to latest gadgets. These phone companies are trying their level best to make their customers smile and be delighted with the latest gadgets they release almost every week.

The invisible iphone is now the talk of the town and rumors say it is going to be much better than any other phone you ever thought off. Being a dream phone to many, this invisible iphone is going to freak you out, as there will be no contact with the actual device what so ever. Researchers have said that this invisible iphone is just like any other, but the use of it is absolutely bizarre as there is no necessity for one to actually dig into their pockets to answer a call or to disconnect as you can directly do it on your palm.

It is also said that this invisible iphone will have an in built camera so that this latest gadget can understand exactly what you are planning to do at the next level. Being a virtual though a few months back, this invisible iphone will soon become a reality. We will keep you updated when we hear about its fantastic features and release!

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