iOS 7.1 update from Apple Probably Arriving in March: Top 5 Rumors You Should Know

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Apple has been in news for a while now for a number of reasons, with one of them being the potential release of its upcoming iOS 7.1 update - apart from all those related to the next iPhone 6 and every other specifications it may or may not boast.

With the update, which is rumored to be released in less than a month, contrary to the popular beliefs making rounds, is rumored to be not that special an update as reports claim that it won't arrive with any such special features apart from offering a host of user-interface tweaks, visual enhancements, and performance fixes.

iOS 7.1 update from Apple Probably Arriving in March: Top 5 Rumors

Nonetheless, the iOS 7.1 beta release notes have already been released, and if noticed carefully, there might be a few clues that could reveal as to what the iOS 7.1 will bring - although everything at this point has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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As of now, each of the betas have revealed a number of improvements that we might see via the final update for all the iOS users, although we still don't know how everything will eventually turn out to be as everything is in a rumored state at the moment.

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So here are the top 5 rumors related to the next iOS 7.1 update:

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Release Date

While a potential release date for the update is still not available, reports recently have claimed that the iOS 7.1 will release for all iOS users in March. Apart from that, others believe that Apple could also unveil iOS 7.1 at a separate media event that will be for the next-generation Apple TV.

Phone Receiving and Dialing

Reports claim that with the iOS 7.1 upgrade, Apple will look to introduce a feature where when someone calls you, your iPhone will display two circular red and green buttons for declining or accepting a call, respectively. And above those circles there will be two other icons for 'Remind Me' and 'Message.'


If the released betas for the next upgrade are to be taken seriously and as a potential build for the next upgrade, the final version of iOS 7.1 will arrive featuring several visual changes made to the device's slide-to-unlock functions, alongside similar changes made to the phone, dialer, music, and keyboard.

Music Playing

The iOS 7.1 is expected to arrive with more prominent Shuffle All and Repeat buttons. Apparently, Apple had removed the invisible backgrounds from iOS 7 when the last upgrade was released.

Motion Effect

Remember Apple's parallax motion effect that arrived with iOS7? Apparently, that didn't sit well with some users as they complained of motion sickness. But with the iOS 7.1 upgrade, Apple is expected to offer an option to turn this effect off completely in iOS 7.1. With the new upgrade, when switching to a new background, users are expected to see a toggle that will help turn this motion on or off.

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