iOS 8 Officially Announced at WWDC 2014: Top 5 Hidden Features Apple Never Told You About

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Apple's brand new iOS 8 is the latest iteration of the company's list of mobile-based iOS offerings. The new operating system is the latest out of Apple's bag and brings over a host of new features and improvements over the previous OS iterations.

Apple's iOS 8, basically, is the company's biggest iOS release to date. The new OS is more detailed than it used to be for a more complete and innovative experience.

iOS 8 Officially Announced at WWDC 2014: Top 5 Hidden Features

As of now, Apple has already previewed both iOS 8 and the other new OS X Yosemite to the entire world at its opening keynote. However, for the time being, it's only developers who get to check out the beta version of the software until an open beta program kicks off this summer.

The most important thing Apple has done with the new iOS is that the company has made it more flexible. From third-party onscreen keyboards to media apps with greater access to the device's camera, Apple has revealed a host of things that are only fitting for the new generation.

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However, there are still a few things Apple skipped from mentioning at its keynote regarding the iOS 8 features. So, basically, those will remain hidden for you to find out.

But who wants to work that much in finding all those, especially when your work is getting done anyway? Well, you don't really need since we have already gathered a list of top 5 among those for your convenience.

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So here are the top 5 hidden features of Apple's iOS 8 that never saw the light of the day at the company's keynote.

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iOS 8 Hidden Features: Customizable Mail

Apple has decided to work further on its official Mail app. And the new changes are more than welcome. With newly updated Mail app, users can now delete messages with a long swipe, apart from allowing users to customize the left swipe with either Mark as Read/Unread or Flag/Unflag buttons.

iOS 8 Hidden Features: A Safari that's, well, Smart!

Apple fans may have one or two nibbling issues by the fact that they are forever stuck with the Safari browser, but believe us when we tell you that it's not that bad a situation at all. And furthermore, you will amazed by the magnitude of light at the end of the tunnel (although hidden).

Users now can not only pull down on the favorites screen to request the desktop version of the site on the phone, but even make full use of the ultra-private DuckDuckGo search engine.


iOS 8 Hidden Features: Improved Camera Functionality

Did you know that with iOS 8 you now have the option to manually tweak your camera exposure while setting up your shot? Apparently, that's one of the things Apple "forgot" to mention in its keynote.

Moreover, there's a new time-lapse mode to help you make all those Matrix-like ultra slo-mo videos on your phone.

iOS 8 Hidden Features: Lock Screen Notifications That's Location-based

This one was a big rumor at the time when any leak or speculation related to the new iOS 8 ran rampant on the web. But falling true to the rumors, Apple has indeed made changes to its notifications where it will now show you the name of the place where you are currently situated with the phone. And all that too in the lock screen.

iOS 8 Hidden Features: Keeping Tab on Battery Consumption

Apple has listened to its users and has now fitted the iOS 8 with a way you can check out which are the apps that are draining away your battery. There's a new option in the usage menu of the Settings app that will let users see which apps are responsible for turning the battery's green bar red. So no more wasteful battery consumption.

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