iOS 8 Officially Announced: Top 5 Features Apple 'Essentially Copied' From Android

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Apple may not have made any substantial hardware release at its WWDC annual conference, but it did make the event all about its latest iOS 8 offering. The new iOS from Apple offers improvements over its previous offering, apart from adding a number of new features to the OS as well.

However, if you look closely enough, many of the features Apple have introduced with the operating system are copied from Android and other popular apps and services like Dropbox and WhatsApp.

iOS 8 Officially Announced: Top 5 Features Apple 'Essentially Copied'

There's no doubt that the Cupertino company did put in a lot of thinking and hard work into the new iOS version. However, there are lot many features inside the operating system that aren't necessarily "new," as anyone following up on Android or others will not be a stranger to most.

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Today we are taking a look at the top 5 features that Apple "copied" from Android in releasing its iOS 8. Check the sliders for more information.

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iOS 8 Copied Features: Siri

With iOS 8, you can now summon your personal voice assistant Siri in your iPhone or iPad by calling ‘Hey Siri'. Doing this activates a host of features like calling others, sending texts and more. Well, Android has already been there and done that with its 'Ok Google' feature.

iOS 8 Copied Features: iCloud Sync

Apple, with iOS 8, will now allow users to sync photos to its iCloud offering. And if you didn't know by now (which is quite unlikely), Android phones can do that automatically through Google+ photos. Even Google gives you unlimited storage for your photos.

iOS 8 Copied Features: Third-Party Keyboard

Apple now lets users make use of third-party keyboards to replace the regular iOS 8 keyboard. Android, however, has always let you customize your keyboard any way you want. So there's nothing new here.

iOS 8 Copied Features: Widgets

The new iOS 8 from Apple has been packed with a number of features, one of them being the ability to store widgets in your notification center. However, Android phones have always had offered widgets to its users.

iOS 8 Copied Features: App Store

With iOS 8 in place, the App Store will now let you watch video demos of apps before you download them. The Google Play store for Android was already offering video demos.

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