iOS 8 Tipped for WWDC 2014 Release: 5 More New Features Said to Arrive

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Apple, like Google, keeps updating its iOS operating system each year with more and more new features that make the entire Apple experience better than its predecessors.

While Apple makes sure that the entire world gets to know about the new iPhone that Apple releases each year, but it is not only the new iPhone which creates so much noise for Apple when it is released, but also the new iOS operating system that promises so much.

Over the past few months, reports related to leaks, speculations and rumors have arrived, discussing about the massively anticipated and the upcoming next version of the Apple iOS.

However, it seems like there's still some waiting to do since nothing substantial about the OS has arrived as of now. And if going by the countless number of leaks related to the upcoming iOS 8, the new operating system is already said to be heavily focused on health.

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Apart from that, it could also integrate with Apple's heavily-rumored iWatch smart watch offering that's also said to be in development.

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As of today, more new rumors have started flowing in for the new OS, and we take a look at the top 5 among those.

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New iTunes

Going by what reports have suggested, there could be a new and re-configured version of iTunes with iOS 8. Along with that, the iTunes Radio might arrive as a standalone support.

Moreover, with Apple's recent acquisition of Beats Electronics to the helm, we could also see Beats featured in the iPhone.

Apple Maps

The Apple Maps is also in line to get a makeover, apart from offering indoor navigation tools for public places.
Apple will surely look to right all the wrongs in the Maps and will probably want to launch a Map application that would allow users to see visible points of interest nearby using the compass embedded in every iPhone.

iCloud Integration

Expect the cloud technology to be featured to its full potential with the arrival of the new iOS operating system. Apple's iCloud service currently allows users to store documents and other similar files on Apple's servers,while also facilitating syncing changes across devices. Apple is also said to be working on new Preview and TextEdit apps for iOS that could appear alongside iOS 8.

Health Sensors

Going by the most prominent reports on the web, Apple could use the sensors of the iPhone to receive information such as blood sugar levels along with heart rate from the handset. So expect Apple to make sure you get a healthier lifestyle through use of the phone.


It is expected that the new upgraded iOS will bring forward fixes (if not changes) to the Siri service. Even Apple is said to be looking toward expanding Siri's ability to connect with third-party apps.

Expect the voice assistant to also arrive as a key input method for the rumored iWatch.

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