iOS 5 Will Change Iphone And Ipad

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iOS 5 Will Change Iphone And Ipad
Apple one of the most respected and popular technology major has already started the release of iOS5.0 update across the world. The update is seen as a major improvement compared to the earlier version with increased performance as well as improvisations being implemented in the latest version that has been released. The update is applicable for all the Apple's products that include iphone, ipad as well as iPods.

The latest features being implemented in iOS5 for ipads, iphones and iPods includes the implementation of slim switches with a circular surface at the end in the Settings application which is a major improvement compared to the earlier version in which rectangular switches were used. The iOS5 also comes with a notification center that has been designed in such a way that you find almost all the notifications in a single place which makes it absolutely user friendly. The new notification makes use of the slide down technology. The lock screen application has been given more responsibilities by including the alerts showing and also navigation options which enables you to move to different applications.

The messaging applications has also underwent significant improvements in iOS5 for ipads, iphones and iPods with a registration process coming in to play with your Apple ID credentials and in turn providing you with a set of contacts that makes use of similar iMessage capable device. there also had been sight changes in the location services option where the iOS5 tends to eat up a lot of battery and correspondingly slowing down the performance in case the Location services has been enabled at the time of setting up. So it would be better to keep a close eye while setting up.

There had also been significant improvements in the Language and input application in iOS5 for iphones, iPod and ipads compared to the previous version. The fact is that if you choose India as your location, the keyboard is expected to come with Hindi language by default or else you will have to press the Globe button to activate this option. And in addition to this improvement you can also now make use of emoticons at the time of chatting. The new input application also comes with auto correct application being implemented in it in order to provide better accuracy. Another remarkable feature present in iOS 5 comes with is the presence of an in built dictionary that provides you with the accurate meaning of the specified word. A reader option is also a new feature that has been included which presents a comfortable reading procedure without being distracted by any other advertisements or columns as well as features.

IOS 5 also comes with a new iCloud service that provides up to 5GB of memory storage space for storing data. IOS 5 also comes with one of the most advanced features that was much awaited and that is the iTunes WiFi Sync which allows the syncing of the data with the multimedia that is present among the computer and the iOS device wirelessly. Another feature is the camera applications that will be opened buy double clicking the home button which directly paves the way in opening the camera app. With these major improvements compared to the earlier version. It is sure to be a huge success and the iOS 5 for ipad, iphone and iPod is available for free downloading for all the Apple users.

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