iPhone 5S Motherboard Leaks: Coming With Fingerprint Scanner this July, says Analyst

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Apple iPhone 5S, the alleged next generation iPhone is destined to come this year. Undoubtedly, the Cupertino tech titan is working striving hard to design a device, which could bring back the innovation present in the the iconic iPhones launched in the past. The primary reason for the lack of new innovative ideas is none other than the increasing competition from the Android smartphones.

Nevertheless to say, the iPhone 5S is going to change this situations that persists right now being an innovative device. There are speculations circulating all over the web suggesting that the seventh generation iPhone will be better and will have more features and innovations.

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iPhone 5S Motherboard Leaks: Coming With Fingerprint Scanner

Click here for more iPhone 5S concept images...

The latest one comes from DroidGator, which claims that one of their readers who works with Apple has provided a photo that reveals the inside information of the iPhone 5S. Well, though the picture has no evidence, the picture is claimed to be the motherboard of the iPhone 5S. From the photo, it can be said that the next iPhone will come with a 1.2GHz quad core A7 processor, Power SGX554MP4 GPU and 2GB RAM. Further, the chip is quite similar to the motherboard used on iPhone 5 and it hints at a 4 inch display on the next model.

Other improvements, according to the tipster, will be spotted with Siri with quick Berlitz immersion enabling it to understand and support more languages and also in the speed and better language recognition.

Further, according to a Forbes report, the next generation iPhone allegedly coming in summer will have some out of the box features that were expected to since 2011 including improved camera modules, a new layout for the physical buttons and a fingerprint scanner.

According to Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, the iPhone 5S will come with a larger camera and the fingerprint identification technology will come in July this year. He also added that the iPhone 5S will have a major feature addition similar to that of Siri in iPhone 4S.

Anyways, there will be some light on the original features of iPhone 5S only when Apple announced the smartphone officially.

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