iPhone 6 Battery: 10 Simple Tips for Longer Battery Life

Written By: A Vamsee

Is your iPhone 6 battery life is poor ? Is it draining too quickly ? Well we have some tips for your to improve your iPhone 6 battery life and make it last longer.

These tips are also applicable for all the other iPhones like iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 etc running on iOS 8, iOS 7.x. Before applying these tips check your iPhone 6 battery life. In order to do this go to Settings>General>Usage>Battery Usage.

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There you can find Usage and Stand by time. Usage time represents how long have you been using your iPhone 6 since the last charge where as Stand by time represents the total time your iPhone is running since the last charge. In ideal case, the stand by time should be more than the usage . Now let's start optimizing your iPhone 6 to improve the battery life.

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1. App drain

Tip 1:

The first reason for a less battery life is App drain, Many apps will continue to run on the background automatically even if they are closed. So, here's a way to find which apps are the biggest drainers, Head over to General > Usage> Battery Usage. Now you can see the list of apps and the amount of battery percentage they are consuming. Uninstall the apps which have been in the background for more than 7 days.

Adjust brightness and auto lock

Tip 2:

Adjusting screen brightness will give a positive result in saving the battery. Go to Settings>General > Display & Brightness. You can use the Auto brightness option or adjust the brightness manually.

As the screen is kept idle, the time taken for the auto lock can also save the battery.In order to get benefit from the Auto Lock, keep it as 1 minute. You can do this by heading over to Settings>General>Auto-lock

Disable Wi-Fi and 3G

Tip 3:

It's better to disable the Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity when you are not using. 3G connectivity uses more battery than the Wi-Fi , but it's not recommended that to use Wi-Fi when the signal is poor as it tries to improve the signal which might make the battery to drain quickly.

You can turn off/disable all these settings by swiping up the control center and tapping the respective icons.

Turn OFF AirDrop

Tip 4:

iPhone's bluetooth is nothing but the AirDrop, by using this we can transfer the files, photos, videos to all the nearest other iPhones, still it's a battery killer. The optimised settings are to turn off or reduce the usage of AirDrop. You can find the setting by swiping on the screen ( upwards to down) and tap on the AirDrop icon.

Airplane mode

Tip 5:

Normally we use GSM.-Edge, 3G and 4G connectivity, these features requires more amount of power. If you are in low-signal zone like in the basement, it tries hard to improve the signal. In case you're in a place where you don't need to use the phone's antena that is to receive, send texts, calls etc you can shift to Airplane mode which will save a lot of battery. You can easily select this setting by swiping the control center and tapping the Airplane mode.

Please Note: You can still use the Wi-Fi to access the data even if the Airplane mode is turned on.

Adjust volume/vibration/visual effects

Tip 6:

Ever thought the volume and vibration also causes the battery to drain quickly ? High volume and the vibration uses more power which creates more burden on the internal speakers. Optimising these settings will save the battery life. Go to Settings>General>Sound . Turn off the vibration and keep the volume in optimised state. It's better to use headphones while listening to music as they will reduce the usage of internal speakers.

The dynamic wallpaper have parallax effects and some other interesting features which requires high graphics, On the contrary, they are also treated as battery killers. It's better to use a static theme rather than a dynamic theme. While selecting a new theme turn off the perspective zoom or you can head over to Settings>General>Accessibility, switch on the reduce motion which will temprorarily turn off the parallax effects.

Turn Off Spot ight

Tip 7:

Spotlight is used to search for the files in all the categories which requires a lot of power for searching, It is not advisable to use this feature In times of poor battery as it will drain the battery quickly. It's better to turn off some categories in the Spotlight which will save the battery.To do this head over to Setttings>General>Spotlight and unselect the categories.

Turn off iCloud

Tip 8:

iCloud uses a lot of data and power as every setting in an iPhone is synched with it. It's better to turn off the categories/apps which you don't want to sync with iCloud. For this, Tap on the Settings>iCloud and select turn off at the respective categories. You can leave the iCloud Drive as it only takes backup when the phone is charging.

Optimize Siri's settings

Tip 9:

Siri will be bit annoying if the 'Raise to Speak' setting is enabled..Siri will go on when the phone is very near to you, this can be resolved by switching off 'Raise to Speak' setting.Go to Settings>General>Siri and change the setting

Disable Auto update

Tip 10:

As from the iOS 7, all the installed apps can be updated automatically.Not every app developer releases the updates daily, but it's better to update them manually. Go to Settings>iTunes & App Store, scroll down to the Automatic downloads and turn off the updates.

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