iPhone 6 NFC Chip Is Restricted To Apple Pay Service For Now

Apple has already received a record breaking 4 Million iPhone 6 pre-booking already on the very first day. It had to happen as the new iPhones are the first sign showing Apple's effort to explore the new design that are quite not into Apple's vein.

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iPhone 6 NFC Chip Is Restricted To Apple Pay Service For Now

Anyways, the new design had to impress the fans, who wanted to use large screen iPhones since the dawn of phablet market across the world. However, iPhone 6 is not just about the design and size, it is also about the new hardware like the NFC chip which will be used for making payments via Apple Pay service announced alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus a week back.

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But it is quite frustrating that Apple won't be using the NFC ship inside the iPhone 6 for any other purpose but for Apple Pay service. This could be a ridiculous thing to hear, but the fact remains a fact. The news was confirmed by the sources at Apple to Cult of Mac. However, the purpose of the NFC chip in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus might broaden later but at the moment it is not going to get in the hands of the developer.

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In fact, if Apple chooses, it can make the new iPhones work miracles with the NFC chips. NFC which can allow users to pair speakers or integrate NFC tags into your favorite apps, can also be used to automate the modern house, which was in rumors since early this year.

As of now, Bluetooth LE has been Apple's sole communication protocol for iBeacons and other location services, but opening the NFC chip up to developers could quickly expand the iPhone's capabilities in the future.

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