iPhone seems to be in for a makeover with a 4 inch display

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iPhone seems to be in for a makeover with a 4 inch display

iPhone is one of the worlds highest selling smart phones. Apple Inc has surely made a fortune after the introduction of these devices back in 2007. There are a huge lot of followers for the iPhone and thus Apple is planning about bringing in newer versions of the device into the market.

There are rumors in the tech world that Hitachi Displays Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Hitachi Corporation, and Sony mobile display corporation have joined hands to provide a display that is yet to be featured in an Apple device. The display is of 4 inch size. The product which is not at all made public is said to be having a launch in the year 2012.

These two companies along with Toshiba mobile display Co. are looking forward to join hands and start a new venture concentrating on mobile phone displays. All these companies are technology giants in their own perspective. They have brought into the market some of the very innovative and latest technologies. So once they group up, the devices that come out with of their production plants will be beyond cutting edge. This new establishment will start by about next year March.

The display being a 4 inch one can be either used for iPhones or iPods. They are much too small to be put in a tablet. The features and resolution of the display is not yet known. There has also been news that a Taiwan based company, whose name is not known, will be providing Apple with new and improved LCD displays that are yet to be featured in the new Apple iPad 4. The screen is rumored to blend in with the over all design of the iPad4, which itself is manufactured by a new process. None of the details of it has been revealed.

Apple has also made an advanced payment to Sharp to make improved IGZO (Indium, gallium, Zinc) panels. This new display panels are incorporated in the third generation Apple iPad and also in the sixth generation Apple iPhone. One of the advantages with this type of screens is that their power consumption is very low.

Considering a very small device like iPhone most of the power from its batteries will be used for the working of the display. So decreased power consumption means improved battery life. Also these panels are very much thin. This allows the manufactures to save up a lot of space for incorporating bigger batteries or other features, while keeping the same size.

The 4 inch display may be an answer to the critics who said that the 3.5 inch display in Apple iPhone 4S was not up to the marks. When other manufactures are coming up with bigger better displays Apple certainly has to bring about a change.

With this increase in screen size the Apple iPhone is expected to under go a complete overhaul. Many of the Apples followers are expecting that they can get their hands on the new device by middle of next year.

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