Jolla Sailfish OS Based Handset All Set to Unleash on May 20

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Jolla commonly called Jolla Mobile which was founded by ex-Nokia employees has announced the May 20 for the launch of its first first Sailfish OS smartphone. After it decided to take MeeGo, it developed their own user interface and started making smartphones. Jolla an emerging brand surely seems it be working hard for this new upcoming divice.

Jolla thus continues the work started by Nokia that produced the Nokia N9 with the MeeGo version Harmattan. But after Nokia abandoned their participation in the MeeGo project the directors and core professionals from Nokia's N9 team left the company and formed Jolla, to bring a successor to MeeGo back to the mainstream market. And here they are with their very own Sailfish OS smartphone. Reportedly, the news came from Jolla's official Facebook page, where a post was seen that said , "One week to go. A perfect time for a small teaser..."

Jolla Sailfish OS Based Handset All Set to Unleash on May 20

The teaser that was posted on Jolla's official YouTube channel was accompanied by a short, split-screen video, where items which normally should go together are bifurcated in the middle and again unifies at the center of the screen. The teaser finishes with the words, "I am the other half," and "All will be revealed on 20th of May.". As Jolla's Sailfish OS has already made its debut, at least in an early form, there are speculations that the "other half" may possibly refer to the hardware on which the Sailfish OS would be installed, although the "other half" phrase still remains a very well-kept secret

Reportedly, the Finnish startup is said to have invited members of the press to an event to be held next Monday in Helsinki, Finland for what the company is branding "Jolla Love Day".

The wait is simply to long yet, regardlessly, it will be revealed next Monday. The wait for the world's first Sailfish-running smartphone is expected to be over soon.

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