Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone Official in India: 5 Interesting Features Worth Mentioning

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While the Indian smartphone market is seeing more new handset releases almost everyday, it's also quite interesting to see the amount of makers that are heading in with new and different operating systems.

We already have our usual Android and iOSs, with bits of BlackBerry and Windows Phone here and there. And right after the eventual introduction to the new Firefox OS, Jolla's Sailfish OS running handsets have become the newest one to hit the market.

Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone Official in India: 5 Interesting Features

There are a number of key highlights of the Jolla-based Sailfish OS that we saw arriving with the operating system. Here we take a look at the 5 most key ones among them.

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Sailfish Supports Android and Ubuntu Apps

In case you are having queries related to the support the new OS will offer for apps, you will be happy to know the Sailfish OS will indeed support apps that are meant for Android and Ubuntu. And all that is possible thanks to a built in Dalvik layer from Myriad Group.

Will Cost When Adding Propriety Features

Sure the entire Jolla deal rests on the OS that it's offering. Like other before it, the Meego-based Sailfish OS is also distributed to OEMs free of charge. But there will be license placed for optional proprietary features. And if well placed, devices in the future running the OS might vary across a host of price ranges.

The Entire Grid Interface Deal

Most of you who have already see the OS first-hand will agree that it does look a bit like Android or even BlackBerry. However, the looks is as far as it goes. Sailfish OS brings a 9 window grid like interface for a better multitasking experience. The widget ike windows will be quite interactive and you could perform tasks just by a single swipe on the screen.

Messages are Unified

What the Sailfish OS offers you is systematic categorization of whatever's inside the phone. This means that Sailfish OS will offer a unified messaging center and all your WhatsApp data, texts and Facebook data will be stored under a single roof. Even multimedia content and contacts can be grouped as per your needs.

Effortless Multitasking

There's a reason why the Sailfish offers as many as nine simultaneous grids that allow you to switch instantly between up to nine open apps from a single screen. Not only do gestures allow the OS to switch between screens, it can also lock the device effortlessly.

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