Jolla to Unveil First Sailfish OS Handset this May

By: Anuj Bhatia

Jolla, the Finland based tech vendor, and the team comprised of ex- Nokia people, has finally announced their big plans. The folks at Jolla have confirmed that their first handset under Jolla brand is set to be shown to the media next-month.

The startup has shown its Sailfish UI earlier this year. It is earlier speculated that Jolla will show the handset later this year. According to Digitoday (via Tech Crunch), the company has decided to announce the device this year in the month of May.

"Jolla will showcase its first device in May. The exact timing of the introduction will be announced later. A pre-sales campaign is expected to start after mid-May. The campaign is currently being planned and further details will be available at the time of the product introduction. The sales start of the first Jolla device will take place during the second half of 2013 as earlier announced".

Jolla to Unveil First Sailfish OS Handset this May

Talking about the design of the handset; it will be represent modern Scandinavian design. The device will be powered by Sailfish mobile OS. Pre-orders will kick start not like any other established tech vendor. Reports suggest "mid-May", when Jolla invites consumers to pre-order the device. It will be rolled out in phases. The firm is also preparing limited edition of the device for early birds.

"We want Jolla to be a movement. We want to involve fans already in early phases. Fans make sure that phone will be available and fans will be first ones to get their phones", as per Antti Saarnio, Jolla

As per, "The Sailfish OS is a mobile-optimized operating system that has the flexibility, ubiquity and stability of the Linux core with a cutting edge user experience built with the renowned Qt platform."

"Sailfish OS is set out to be a real alternative. It is independent, open, partner friendly, and created by a team with credible track record, now working at Jolla Ltd. Jolla is set to create an ecosystem unlike others around Sailfish OS and welcomes everyone to join the voyage".

The above mentioned vision clearly says that Jolla is working hard to craft a handset that has better aesthetics sense than leading mobile OS; Android , iOS, and WP8. It is to be seen whether the ex-Nokia team has really succeeded in making a Jesus handset that can make its place in the crowded marketplace. Stay tuned to GizBot.

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