Latest fun rich phone from Intex: Intex 1010 Neo

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Latest fun rich phone from Intex:  Intex 1010 Neo

Intex has launched the 1010 Neo dual SIM GSM phone. Though quite a basic phone, it’s got almost every feature you’d expect from a reasonably priced handset. It has a 1.8-inch QCIF display and you’re offered entertainment features such as audio and video player also having the recording function, and FM radio with Schedule Recording. These ensure music lovers have something to listen to during work or to cut boredom when they’ve got nothing to do. The loudspeaker option can help you cover your room or work space with your favorite songs.

Intex 1010 Neo is a camera phone with a 1.3-megapixel camera to capture priceless moments or something that has caught your eye. Of course the other usual features such as torchlight and mobile tracker are also provided. The torchlight, now common in every phone, is indeed a very important tool to tackle emergencies in the event of a power cut or when caught in a dark and remote place.

With Intex 1010 Neo, you can also have fun with wallpapers as these are supported. More fun can be had with the pre-loaded basic games on offer. Intex has also equipped the 1010 Neo with GPRS and WAP capabilities. It has a maximum expandable memory of 16GB.

As you’d expect for a basic handset launched in India, Intex 1010 Neo supports English and Hindi languages. You’ll find the keypad with keys sporting numbers and English as well as Hindi letters. You can send and receive SMS messages in Hindi or English. There is also the MMS facility offered. Auto call record is a very useful feature, particularly for those who have regular use of their phone, making calls every other time.

Intex 1010 Neo is reasonably good looking. One of the major factors enhancing the appearance of 1010 Neo is the moderately slim design in line with contemporary style. It has a bar form factor which indicates that it looks good and can easily fit in your hand. The other feature contributing to its style is the striking red line around the sides of the handset. So it’s not all dull and dark, as the red color adds a bit of splash. The rear of the handset is dominated by attractive diagonal lines throughout. This also helps cut the dreary boredom of a plain black basic handset. These lines also lend a bit of class to the design.

You won’t feel like you own a cheap down-to-earth utility phone. The price of Intex 1010 Neo is not available, but expected to be reasonable.


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