Lava W150 Review

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Lava W150 Review
Lava is a brand name in the mobile phone market especially in India. They are known for releasing high quality mobile phones with an affordable price in India list. Now Lava is looking forward for success in the networking devices segment too with the launch of Lava W150. The product arrives with a lot of features.

Lava W150 supports 2G as well as 3G features. It also supports Ethernet WAN for routing of the internet through WiFi. Lava W150 comes with a stunning design and the fact is that the design resembles hat of a Card Holder the only difference being that it is somewhat heavier than the visiting card because of the presence of an inbuilt battery which cannot be replaced. The product has a weight of an aggregate of 100 grams. The presence of a physical power switch enables the users to connect with the 2G as well as 3G internet dongles. The router also comes with a Reset button that can be used if you want to move back to the default settings in case you forget the password. Lava W150 also comes with an Ethernet port.

Lava W150 also comes with a protective sleeve so as to protect it from scratches and dust. The device is extremely portable owing to its lesser weight as well as smaller size. This device also helps in the connection of smartphones as well as tablets and personal computers with the help of wireless enabled services which in turn helps the users to share a single internet connection with these devices. The following router can also be used as an access point that can be done with the broadband connection that is currently present.

Lava W150 comes with a data transmission speed of 150Mbps for 802.11 n as well as 54 Mbps for 802.11 g and 11 Mbps for 802.11 b. The threat of virus infections can be contained with the help of six multiple SSIDs. The router also is comprised of firewall features such as IP and port filtering as well as Remote Management functions. The opening page of the router configuration involves features that include the network speed as well as the presence of connection time. You can navigate towards the configuration page by just clicking the "Settings" button. Lava W150 also comes with the presence of a transmission power setting. Lava W150 comes with an in-built Lithium-ion battery that is powered by 2300 mAh.

Lava W150 3G arrives with an affordable price in India tag of Rs. 3, 199.

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