Leaked 5-by-7 Inch iPhone Prototype Hints Apple Conceived Phablet Concept Back in 2005

By Anuj Bhatia

    Apple‘s biggest hooker late Steve Jobs started working on a Phablet device much before iPhone thing happened. Yes! It’s true. His genius brain sensed the coming of tablets and Phablet like device much before 2007. Revealed in a form of a prototype Ars Technica (via Apple Insider) reports that Apple was working on a tablet PC measuring 5-by-7-inch display (2-inches thick) with hell lot of ports ducked inside.


    As per the report, Steve Jobs was rather interested in a tablet PC with multi- touch display. The prototype device as show in the image section would arrive (if ever launched) with an Ethernet port among other connectivity options. A former employ of Apple (Source) dished out many details about iPhone related development.

    The purported prototype resembles to the iPad by large. In terms of connectivity options; USB port, Ethernet port and what’s not. When tested this prototype device, it used to run on OS X version with ARM9 (Samsung manufactured) chip inside. However, the final iPhone was much faster than the prototype talked in the report. Going by the images, it is clearly said that the Apple was first intended to make a full fledged PC with touch screen, but ended up making a revolutionary iPhone.

    Steve Jobs started conceiving a smartphone in the form of an iPhone back in the year 2006. On the directions of late Steve Jobs, as many as 200 top engineers were asked to work on a smartphone wit touch based display and fantastic battery life. In 2007, iPhone was announced crafted with a glass and aluminum, which change the wireless mobile industry for ever. Back in 2012, Bloomberg reported that Steve Jobs was involved in the design process of iPhone 5. Although, he wasn’t impressed with giant screen phones, still last year under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple launched a bigger screen smartphone – iPhone 5. Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011 in Palo Alto, USA. He was 56.

    Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Inc, will soon come with three models of iPhone. One would be a successor to the current gen iPhone 5 other would be a phablet and lastly a dirt cheap iPhone for India and China.

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    That’s one big iPhone

    This iPhone prototype was a lot closer to the size of an iPad than an iPhone at 5"×7" and nearly 2" thick.

    Ports galore!

    Another angle of this iPhone prototype shows how early this was. In 2005, the company was still working on getting the thing functional.


    Is it an iPhone or a computer?

    In this photo, you can see that Apple stuck a number of ports onto the prototype, including a serial port and full-on Ethernet. We're told this was only for development purposes, though.


    The autopsy

    Here you can see the entire prototype's logic board.


    Look at that Samsung chip. Just look at it.

    This prototype has an ARM chip that looks to be a variant of the Samsung S3C2410.


    From around the Web...

    This is a purported iPhone 4/4S prototype that made its way onto eBay in August of 2012.


    From around the Web...

    These claim to be iPhone 5 and 5S prototype shells posted by French site Nowhereelse.fr


    From around the Web...

    One of several prototypes that came out as part of the Apple v. Samsung trial.


    From around the Web...

    One of several prototypes that came out as part of the Apple v. Samsung trial.


    From around the Web...

    One of several prototypes that came out as part of the Apple v. Samsung trial.


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