Leaked BlackBerry 10.2.1 Update Shows Of New Features Including Picture Password

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Over the last few weeks, Blackberry has been in the news for job cuts, take-over developments and other such things. However, today there's a new development related to its Blackberry 10 OS. A leaked build of BlackBerry is making the rounds.

Leaked BlackBerry 10.2.1 Update Shows Of New Features

The software was first posted on the Crackberry forums, and several users there transferred the build on to their phones to have a closer look. The result was the leak of several new features.

The first notable feature with this leaked version of the OS happens to be the "BlackBerry Blend Dashboard." Crackberry says that even though a majority of the files are unusable, this might just be a major functionality in future versions of the OS.

Another major addition happens to be picture password, which happens to be a new way to unlock devices using a number and image to keep intruders from getting into your phone. Users must first pick a lock screen image. After this, the app overlays it with a grid of a variety of single-digit numbers.

You're going to have to chooses a number and drags it to a specific point on that lock screen image. When you drag that same number to the exact point that it was placed at before, you end up unlocking the phone.

And then comes ChatBlend and Fuse. The second one allows users to put a device onto "fuse" mode, whatever that means. There might also be features that will allow users to read their messages, including SMS and MMS messages, on the display screen of a connected computer.

Even though these features don't look to be revolutionary, we believe that they will kindle some serious interest among the disintegrating Blackberry fan base.

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