Lenovo K800 intel processor powered android smartphones

Posted By: Rahul

 Lenovo K800 intel processor powered android smartphones

It’s news that will make one jump off his seat and run around like a wild monkey. Lenovo K800 is a name that going to spread likes a wild fire over the internet. Word is out that Lenovo is working on a mobile phone that will run on an intel processor.

Again, the power of Intel that has been backing up the computers all over the world will now fuel the smart phones. For starters it is Lenovo K800. Nothing much is known. The configuration, the price or the launch date have not been revealed yet, but just an image that got released under the phone title is more than enough to take one's breath away. The user interface from the image looks to be having a Mondrian UI layering over it. The device that’s assumed to be and most probably going to be an android device will have the unbound powers of an Intel motherboard. The image clearly looks like that of a smart phone topped with an Android operating system.

Lenovo k800 will definitely have features like a 4.5 inch display and the camera comes bundled with a dual LED flash and this is confirmed. No further details on the hardware and software specifications is reported from the manufacturers and company is strictly limiting the announcements and press notifications and thus  keeping them highly confidential.

This is a good sign indeed for its sure that the world is about to witness something that is soon to be known as a revolution in smart phones. It is expected that the power of Intel will take the possibilities of not just communication but new age computing and data transferring and sharing to new levels. With the Android operating system software getting daily updates the need for a highly compatible motherboard and chipset is an essential component and this can positively affect the overall performance of the smart phone. Considering about improving the motherboards and chipsets, who else but the world’s number one and unbeatable Intel can be trusted with?

To Lenovo this can be a game changer and the entire status of the company is going to get a new make up with their plans for such an innovative product. Lenovo k800 is highly expected and is sure to become a reality.

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