Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Hands On: First Look

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From an Indian perspective, a long, long time ago when we were growing up, our parents often used to tell us not to invest in something that's tagged "Made in china." And before we start jumping into conclusions related to generalizing anybody, it was purely due to reasons of product durability and performance (not to mention part of the Great Wall of China collapsed a few years ago).

Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Hands On: First Look

However, gone are those days when such mentalities existed. Nowadays, with major China-based smartphone companies such as Coolpad, Lenovo and Oppo regularly cropping up with smart devices of their own, it seems like a new age of Chinese smartphones is about to dawn on the world, let alone the Asian market.

Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Hands On: First Look

One such Chinese manufacturer coming up around is Lenovo with its recently launched Lenovo Vibe Z (model K910). And with its coming-of-age technology, which includes a 5-megapixel front camera that's equipped with an 84° lens for wide-angle shots, it's all set to take on primary players in the market such as Apple and Samsung - who enjoy most of market shares worldwide compared to others.

Heading back to the topic in hand, the Lenovo Vibe Z, the Chinese ThinkPad maker's latest flagship and Lenovo's first LTE Android smartphone, is an amazing piece of hardware that can grace anyone's pocket, provided you are willing to meet its heavy price tag. But if you indeed are willing, this will be one of the best purchases you will make in a long time.

One of the few reasons why you will instantly fall in love with the device is because of its 5.5-inch, 1920 x 1080 IPS touch screen, with its ultra thin design weighing just a meagre 145.2 grams. And while some may argue that the device is a potential phablet candidate, once you take the device in your hand, it will feel like a regular 4-4.5-inch handset.

Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Hands On: First Look

But how can a device of this calibre be so light in weight? The answer lies in the handset's material build. Apparently, the device is made up of a plastic shell (polycarbonate, in scientific terms) rather than metal, which makes the device as light as ever.

The Kind of Stuff Legends Are Made of:

Powering the device from inside, in terms of platform specs, is Android 4.3 Jelly Bean coupled with a 2.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip and 2GB of RAM.

But then again, the device offers just 16GB of storage, which, in realistic terms, may not be enough for users looking to rack up the handset with images, music and videos. Nonetheless, the Vibe Z makes up for that, let's say, disadvantage by offering a massive 13-megapixel rear camera with autofocus, f1.8 aperture lens and LED flash, which is capable of shooting pictures at 4128 x 3096 pixels quality.

Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Hands On: First Look

On the front, additionally, there's an impressive 5-megapixel front camera that's equipped with an 84° lens for wide-angle shots will be easy for taking selfies and making video calls. And if we had enough time on our hands, we would go pages after pages just writing about how good the front facing camera actually is.

However, keeping it as brief as possible, both of Vibe Z's pixel rich cameras are pretty amazing - as if the camera in the back has been developed to compliment the camera that's in front. And as we mentioned before, the 84-degree wide angle lens in front captures more than you can imagine (plus that fifth friend of yours who you thought would miss out on that memorable group selfie).

Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Hands On: First Look

Apart from that, the camera also has small little nifty features in the form of filters coupled with a number of modes that help you give that extra bit of added advantage to the photo you just took and is about to upload on your personal Facebook page.

On an overall, the device's camera just put two of my friends to shame - one owns a Sony Xperia ZL and the other owns a Galaxy Note 3. Yes! It's THAT good.

Moving ahead, you will be amazed to find out how well the device fits in your hand, although it may seem pretty big from a distance. As an example, I have small fingers which have grown even thinner over the years due to time spent on the fret-board, and although I own a Galaxy Note, I still have a an old Nokia 1280 as my primary phone since no touchscreen of any sort can give me that pleasure while texting. I have no explanations as to why this is so, but it's like that only.

Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Hands On: First Look

But in steps Vibe Z. and one moment I actually forget that I'm actually composing a text with a different phone in one hand. In my books, the Vibe Z is as good as money can buy, and never makes you feel that you actually spent the money in waste.

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