LG At MWC 2014 in Photos: LG G Pro 2, G2 Mini, F Series and a Fitness Bracelet

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Among several awards category that GSMA gives every year, the award pertaining to the smartphones and tablets falls in 5th category, and contains 5 different awards. This year LG has won the Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year. While the best phone of the year was sweeped by HTC One.

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However talking about why LG has emerged as the Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year lies in the fact that the South Korean smartphone maker has been constantly pushing its limit in bringing the new technology to its consumers in an advanced form. The bendable display and battery, the 4K television and many more new technological resolve that the company has made in 2013, is pretty evident with LG G Flex and LG Life Band devices.

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At the Mobile World congress 2014, which is going on in Barcelona, Spain, LG made a number of announcements pertaining to its latest devices from wearable devices to varied smartphones.

Thus, today GizBot has come up with a story, which entails almost all the things that the Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of 2014 has unveiled and announced at the International Mobile World Congress 2014.

Take a look:

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LG G Pro 2

The G Pro 2 is a successor to the G Pro, last year's winner of the Best Smartphone of MWC 2013 award. The G Pro 2 is more than just a worthy successor to the original G Pro. With a bold 5.9-inch Full HD IPS display, the latest Android 4.4 KitKat OS and a host of best-in-class technologies, G Pro 2 boasts an immersive viewing experience and is the first LG smartphone to offer an enhanced 13MP camera with Optical Image Stabilizer Plus (OIS+) technology. Photography buffs will appreciate the G Pro 2's advanced picture and video editing functions.

LG G2 mini

As LG's first "compact" smartphone, the G2 mini delivers much of the same user experience of the original LG G2 with premium UX features such as Knock Code and Guest Mode. The G2 mini is designed to appeal to a new generation of smartphone owners with its 4.7-inch IPS display, 2,440mAh battery life and a Quad-Core processor that doesn't sacrifice speed for size. LG's newest G Series device offers the perfect balance of modern design and practical UX in a compact package without compromising performance.

LG L3 Series

LG's L Series 1 and L Series 2 have enjoyed tremendous success worldwide. The new L Series 3 is expected to continue the momentum of LG's L Series, particularly in fast growing emerging markets. The L40, L70 and L90 smartphones reinforce the family's stylish design heritage, boasting delicate finishing, metallic colors and narrow bezels. The L Series 3 also comes with the latest Android KitKat OS and premium UX features to deliver the best experience the 3G segment has to offer. The new L Series 3 is a key component of LG's strategy to expand its share of new smartphone users in markets that will determine tomorrow's mobile leaders.

LG F Series

Along with the G Pro 2, G2 mini And L Series 3 Budget Smartphones, LG also launched another pair of smartphones in a brand new F series dubbed as LG F70 and LG F90 at the MWC 2014. These two devices are entry level Android smartphones with LTE connectivity. Thus these devices will in fact stand against all the latest LTE supported mid-range smartphones this year. Moreover, these smartphones share a similar design of the LG L series with rounded corners and a physical home button.

LifeBand Touch Activity Tracker

This is the latest Fitness Band from LG (FB84-BM) which comes in three sizes: Large, Medium and Extra-large. The wearable fitness gadget features an OLED Touch-scroll Screen and also comes with a Wireless Syncing WITH LG Fitness Aapp, 3-Axis Accelerometer, Altimeter, Music control and Phone compatibility.

Knock CodeTM

With recent research data showing that users unlock their smartphones more than 100 times a day, LG clearly saw this as an opportunity where it could add value. Knock Code, which evolved from the KnockON feature first introduced in LG G2, enables users to both power on and unlock their LG smartphone in one easy step by tapping a personalized pattern on the phone's screen. Knock Code offers greater security as the pattern is entered on a blank screen using anywhere from two to eight taps, allowing for more than 80,000 possible combinations. What's more, Knock Code can be entered on any part of the display, making one-handed entry effortless and convenient. A number of previously released LG smartphones will also receive Knock Code firmware updates as well.

LG Named Most Innovative Company At MWC 2014

LG Electronics (LG) was named Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year by the GSMA at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. The Global Mobile Award, sponsored by the GSMA Award Committee represented by mobile specialists and analysts, is by far the most prestigious and authoritative award in the mobile industry.

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