LG E906 May Work On Windows Phone 7 Smartphone

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LG E906 May Work On Windows Phone 7 Smartphone
All the top guns in the mobile handset sector are determined to have their footing on all the available platforms. Android, Symbian and Windows 7 are the platforms on which there is a raging war between the companies. If one company launches a model on a particular platform, within months a new model is launched by its competitor on the same or may be an upgraded version of the same platform. The companies are making sure that there are no stones unturned for achieving monopoly in this sector.

With these lines of thought, LG a leading electronics manufacturing company, which already has made its presence in the Indian mobile space, is reportedly working on a phone which is powered by Windows Mango OS. The company is waiting for the Mango update which is expected any time soon.

The device in the workshop is code named LG E906. LG E906 is planned to be released as a successor of LG Optimus 7. As per the initial reports from company, work has started on the Optimus model keeping in the mind the upcoming updates of the OS Windows 7 Mango. These iterations are expected to be incorporated in the LG E906.

The LG E906"s code which is available in the company"s website carries some vital information regarding the phone. Available information reveals that the phone is anticipated to have a screen resolution of 480* 800 pixels. The phone is also expected to be loaded with lots of goodies. These goodies will almost be matching the features of the LG Optimus. The E 906 will most probably be featuring Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. This will give its users an out of the world browsing experience.

The LG E906 has also been reported to have received WiFi

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