LG Fantasy Found Running On Windows Mango

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LG Fantasy Found Running On Windows Mango
It looks as if handset manufacturers have finally decided to let go off the Android Bug for a while. Phones or more precisely Smartphones based on Operating Systems other than Android have been launched quite frequently in the recent past and reports suggest that Android is now facing some competition. This is absolutely astonishing news. The nearest competitors to the Android supremacy are of course Windows Phone 7 aka Mango and the iOS from Apple.

The Windows Phone 7 Mango is a rather new entrant that has hit the market recently but is showing signs of good performance in key markets like US and Asia. Numerous manufactures have been reported or rumored to have been working on Windows Phone 7 based mobile handsets and the probables include the likes of Nokia, Samsung and LG.

While reports have already shown the existence of the Windows Phone 7 loaded LG E906, another report in a website claims to have obtained the pictures of yet another LG phone running Windows Phone 7 Mango OS (operating system).

The LG phone according to rumors is called LG Fantasy. The pictures revealed that the phone had a huge display, in fact larger than perhaps 4.5 inches. But this huge size is not of any surprise as Microsoft has jotted down on large screen size displays in the list of requirements needed for running the Windows Phone 7 OS on any mobile.

If Microsoft wants to challenge the dominance of the Android OS and Apple's iOS, then they will have to seriously consider providing options for different versions of the OS as Android has.

LG Fantasy is expected to provide all sorts of latest multimedia features like support for music and video formats including HD formats. Also LG Fantasy is expected to provide a powerful camera of maybe 8 mega pixels resolution or even more.

Fantasy would most probably have all modern day connectivity options and that too with the latest versions like Bluetooth 3.0. It might even have support for 4G networks in addition to high speed 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

LG Fantasy is expected to be made available by the end of this fiscal. Potential buyers have already begun enquiring at LG exclusive outlets about the release date and expected price of the LG phone.

However the company has been tight lipped about the issue but this is a strategy that majority of manufacturers adopt before the launch of a much rumored product.

LG Fantasy with all its expected features will definitely be on the higher price band but only till the phone is made available for testing can anyone actually rate it. Till then we will have to make do with the rumors.

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