LG G Flex: Watch Self Healing Nature of Curved Smartphone Captured In A Video

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LG has had a rough start when the South Korean giant first debuted with its very first smartphone. LG has always and in fact will be compared with another South Korean giant-Samsung electronics.

Their rivalry was seen during the respective launch of curved display smartphones last month. Samsung trumped LG, when the Galaxy Note 3 maker launched its first ever flexible display phone -the Galaxy Round in South Korea at an astonishing price.

Though, Samsung is rather facing tough to sell enough the Galaxy Round in its native market. LG, on the other hand, emphasized more on the inherent aspect of G Flex and therefore the company now plans to release G Flex globally. Both the devices are priced on a higher side in comparison to their respective big ticket handsets.

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LG G Flex: Watch Self Healing Nature of Curved Smartphone Captured

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The LG G Flex incorporates a curved display and more importantly it features a "self healing "coating that actually removes scratches and scars automatically. It seems that the G Flex is inspired by the way our human body works. LG has already released a promotional video to prove that what the company is claiming is not at all a cooked story. Marques Brownlee, a reviewer took up the challenge to test whether LG's claim are genuine or not.

When Brownlee scratches the rear back of the phone with keys, the G Flex is able to heal itself. Though, it takes a little time to heal it automatically, and the scratches don't completely disappear.

Brownlee again tried to scratch the back surface and this time he used a knife. Again the scratch has healed with more time taken as usual. Thus, the reviewer praised LG's G Flex in his video about the build quality and "self healing "nature of the device. The phone's healing nature will work better in warm conditions, he further added.

Want to see the LG G Flex in action? You should watch this video to know more about so-called "self-healing "nature of LG G Flex.

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