LG G Pro 2 Now Available At Rs. 45,300: Top 5 Reasons Why It Could Turn Out to be a Trend Setter

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The market is similar to the unforgiving nature that twist and changes as per it's own whims and wishes (minus pollution and deforestation). And this ever changing nature of the market could easily be the only decisive factor between the success and failure of a device that's looking to make it big in the coming days.

But before we start categorizing the market in terms of a ruthless house owner (who threatens to litigate your stay almost everyday), it has also been a kind and comforting mother to a number of other different manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and Sony in their ultimate claim to be on top of the charts.

LG G Pro 2 Now Available: Top 5 Reasons Why It Could be a Trend Setter

Now one company hoping for a sort of renaissance in the market is LG with its brand new devices that look to primarily target the upper echelon of the supply chain. And while hopes are high that LG will eventually pull this off by the end of the year, the company itself isn't leaving a stone un-turned. The biggest proof of that is the LG-made G Pro 2 handset.

The G Pro 2 handset has come around in a time when the market is already flooded with a host of smartphones, with each vendor trying to reach out even more by releasing more than one device at a time in a single day, read: Micromax, Lava.

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Keeping the discussion limited to the G Pro 2 for the moment, while LG has a lot of hopes pinned on it, we here at GizBot don't see any reason why the device can't actually be a contender for one of the best devices in the market.

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Everything, of course, is backed by reasons. And we here have our own top 5 why the device could turn out to be that special before 2014 ends.

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LG G Pro 2: No Compromises on the Build Quality

If you are about to complain about the "bigness" quotient of the device, we have no right to tell you that you can't do so. But have you considered that fact that a bigger screen means sharper resolution and rich color offering?

On top of that, the device sports the power of the very strong Corning Gorilla Glass, which gives the phone a solid feel. Although that doesn't necessarily mean you can treat it anyway you want.

LG G Pro 2: Impressive Mutimedia On Offer

If you have checked inside the G Pro 2's box, you will know that the handset comes with a pair of Quadbeat 2 headphones, providing clear acoustics at 192 KHz. And while the headset did remind us a bit about the previous HTC Beats headphone, we think it's a step better than the HTC offering.

Of course you will argue that you can find better headphone solutions in the market such as Senheisser or maybe Bose, but why invest more if you are already being treated to a pair that comes free? Oh! And did we mention that the Quadbeat 2 is capable of delivering crystal clear sound quality at the lowest bass and the highest treble possible?

LG G Pro 2: A Camera That's Really Worth It

We took the G Pro 2 out for a spin one evening to make out the camera in extreme low light conditions. It was brilliant! And while you wait for our more detailed camera review of the G Pro 2, let us tell you that we will mostly have good things to write about it.

Going through the numbers and stats once more, the G Pro 2 offers a 13 MP rear camera and a 2.1 MP front camera with an user interface that's as simple as possible. That means you being a first time photographer with a G Pro 2 at your disposal: A happy reunion.

LG G Pro 2: Knock Knock!

We haven't a single clue about what the world is writing about the G Pro 2, but as far as we are concerned, the G Pro 2's Knock to Unlock feature has taken our imagination by storm. It's just perfect and paves a way for future advancements made in the security sector.

Obviously there are issues that claim that the knock code can be easily mimicked by looking over the shoulders of the user, but try setting an eight knock code instead of four. Then you will see the real power of the feature.

LG G Pro 2: Other Goodies

If you just got to know about the G Pro 2, did you know that it has its own Apple-like Siri offering in the form of LG Voice Mate? As the name suggests, it's a virtual assistant that will do whatever you ask for. So you can ask it to set alarms or even make phone calls.

Also, check out the QSlide panel that you can access by pulling down the notification window. It will help you multitask while viewing an app in a small window on your screen.

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