LG G Pro 2 Review: A True 'Note Killer' If There Ever Was One

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If you are an ardent follower of the smartphone business and the market in its entireity, you will know about the craze that's generated via devices that arrive with bigger display screens. With the constant growth in device dimensions, the popularity of probable "phablet" devices have cemented deeply, starting with the first ever Galaxy Note which brought Samsung so much business since its release.

Maintaining the concept of "the bigger, the better," LG has also introduced its newest G Pro 2 handset fresh out of the oven. With its 5.9-inch display, the phone has easily become one of the largest offerings to arrive this year. And it's needless to say that the device is already an upgrade over the previously released G Pro with its 5.5-inch factor.

LG G Pro 2 Review: A True 'Note Killer' If There Ever Was One

The G Pro 2 is basically an upgrade to the LG G2 and the LG G Flex, The device is as massive as the curved-display GFlex offering, apart from offering the same specs that brought the G flex so much recognition when the device was made public.

Keeping at bay the details about the G Pro 2 for the moment, it needs to be said that the device, as we mentioned earlier, is an upgrade to the first G Pro. The G Pro offered a lot on release -- like a great battery, impressive video quality. However, that didn't mean that the device was free of its share of problems and other nibbling issues. But now the G Pro 2 aims at solving all those issues with an upgraded device from the first.

LG G Pro 2 Review: A True 'Note Killer' If There Ever Was One

We currently have a G Pro 2 unit with us that we have played around with for some time. The device feels as light as a feather, although a 5.9-inch form factor might not be everyone's cup of tea. Lets dive into the device and see what's in store for all those looking to get hold of the device.

LG G Pro 2: Form Factor & Operating System

LG's G Pro 2, as we mentioned earlier, is already one of the biggest handsets we have seen this year. It's basically a phablet offering that has closely follwed Samsung's Galaxy Note offerings, with the new device more or less mimicking the previously released Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

LG G Pro 2 Review: A True 'Note Killer' If There Ever Was One

With the world currently going gaga over the several different devices that are offering Quad HD displays, it's only natural that the G Pro 2 has been released with the same display technology. Although it is to be noted that the G Pro 2 doesn't really do that much in bringing anything groundbreaking in that respect, but nonetheless impressive.

As far as device exteriors are concerned, the LG G Pro 2 won't dissapoint you with its looks. In fact, it's better than what most are offering at this point. While it's more than evident that LG hasn't pushed for greater heights with the design or the materials used in constructing the device, but it's still downright beautiful once you get a glimpse of it in real life.

On the front of the phone is a 5.9-inch 1080 x 1920 (1080p) display with IPS LCD technology. The device is further surrounded by a tiny 3.3mm bezel, making it as light as possible. The device feels like you're using just the screen with just a bit of color above or below it (apart from the glitter-like paint that LG refers to as "pearl"). We're currently working with the black variant, if you are wondering. So basically, it's yet another product of clever engineering.

LG G Pro 2 Review: A True 'Note Killer' If There Ever Was One

The phone's polycarbonate back cover features a kind of a textured metal finishing whose mesh pattern almost feels like a thick canvas. Not only does it look fantastic, but it doesn't attract as much dust or fingerprints that are such a dread with smartphones these days.

But note that even though the phone looks quite good with its impressive finishing, that doesn't mean the phone is always quite easy or comfortable to hold in your hand. That's because of the phone's texture which is quite slicker compared to others made up of rubber or other similar material.

Going by what LG says about the phone, the G Pro 2 is said to boast a 77.2 percent screen-to-frame ratio. What this means is that because of the phone's slim bezel, the chassis has been made much smaller accordingly. And this offers a more suitable experience than other devices arriving with the same-sized display.

Heading over to the operating system and the software available with the device, you will be happy to know that the LG G Pro 2 comes with the very latest, Android KitKat OS version 4.4.2. And as expected, LG has slapped its proprietary UI over it with its own set of coding that gives the device its essential "LG" feel.

LG G Pro 2 Review: A True 'Note Killer' If There Ever Was One

For the sake of comparison, The first G Pro featured a number of software tweaks that aimed at taking advantage of its big screen, followed by the G2 that came later with even more offerings. Now the new G Pro 2 has arrived with all of those software features and more. This time around, however, LG has made sure that it gives you more control over the device's interface elements so as to dock up the phone as per your wishes.

There are a number of features that you will see arriving with the new LG device. There several different features like the one-handed mode that's accessible by swiping left or right on the software navigation keys. Apart from that, there's also a split-screen mode that lets you run two apps at the same time, although it could getting some used to before finally understanding its worth. Chances are that you will even forget that such a feature actually exists in the phone, but nonetheless useful.

Finally, the new Knock Code capability you might have been hearing about for quite a while now, with LG heavily promoting this feature. And rightfully so since the feature allows you to set up a certain combination of up to eight on-screen knocks, primarily serving as your unique password. However, it's a safe password feature provided you make it up of at least eight knock. Anything less than that is quite easy to make out and re-create. Hence phone safety goes out of the window.

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