LG G3 Leak Update: Quad HD Display Could Be One Impressive Feature

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South Korea's second best smartphone maker LG, has been hitting the headlines regularly because of its upcoming device the LG G3, the successor of the G2 smartphone from last year. However, the name of the device is not yet confirmed officially but taking all the leaks and rumors into account, using the name could be safe until we get the real name of the device.

LG G3 Leak Update: Quad HD Display Could Be One Impressive Feature

The device has been leaked online several times in the past and now the latest one that has arrived recently comes with more clarity, The news come from an inside source who has allegedly seen the G3 and revealed about it to the Bulgarian blog Nixanbal.

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The person responsible for the leak confirmed the QHD (2560 x 1440-pixel) display of the device, which was on the rumors since the time the G3 was first heard. The source also reportedly says that the display was ‘impressive', but not just for its quality.

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IF past rumors are to be referred, than chances are that we are talking about a 5.5-inch display with a narrow bezel. Since the naming pattern of the device falls in the line of the G2 smartphone, expectations among the fans are that the device will come with a volume rocker and camera button at the rear panel.

There are hardly any information abut he device as of now and the company has not spoken about it until now. However, looking at the mock-up of the G3, the device would possible get a dual-shot flash light on the right, and something that looks like an infra-red (IR) beamer on the left.

There is no word on the pricing yet and nor the availability of the device has been disclosed so far. But most of the reports online suggests May to be the month of its unveiling.


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