LG G3 :Top 10 Tricks,Tips and Hidden Features To Unravel Maximum Possibilities

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LG G3 quickly became one of the most talked about handsets of 2014. While there is no doubt that Apple iPhone 5S is still the most popular phone at the moment; however, with changing times there has been a surge in the sales of the G3 all over the place.

The LG G3 packs the sharpest display yet and a fast laser focus camera in a gorgeous body. The magical device packs 2560 x 1440 pixels into a large 5.5-inch display. It also features a laser-focus 13-megapixel rear camera, which helps you lock onto subjects faster.

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LG G3 :Top 10 Tricks,Tips and Hidden Features

Performance wise, the G3's quirky Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB of RAM should be enough to enough to run heavy duty games and applications. The new interface on the LG G3 is a big improvement over LG's previous generation handsets.

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In the meanwhile, we've already told you about hardware as well as software features found in the G3. Now, it's time to check out the top 10 hidden unique features of the LG G3. We hope you may be interested in reading our final verdict on LG's G3 flagship handset. Click here

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Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Re-Focus Your Photographs

LG's G3 camera app lets your re-focus a photograph after you've captured it. All you need to open camera app, followed by tap mode, and then tap ‘magic focus'. As usual, you need to take a photograph, then simply tap the area where you want to re-focus.

Now it’s Easy to Change Folder Name and Color

With the LG G3, you can change both the name and color of every folder on home screen. All you need to open the folder of your choice, then tap the bar that contains its name. Now, you can give it a new name and assign a color of your choice.

Guest Mode

These days it is very important to protect your contacts or important info from your children. Thus, LG has found a solution to this problem. If you own the G3 handset, you can now enable ‘Guest mode'. This feature will allow you to specify up to 5 apps your guest is allowed to use at a time.

Lock Pictures/Videos in the Gallery

The LG G3 lets you hide images/video inside the Gallery application from strangers. To simply activate, you need to go to settings>General>Security, and tab ‘Content Lock'. Firstly, you have to draw a pattern to lock the gallery with a password. Once your lock is fixed, you can lock private files.

Simply End Calls With Power key

Now, it's so easy to end call by pressing the rear power key. All you need to go to settings >General >Accessibility and tap 'Power key ends calls.


The LG G3 lets you run two apps in the same time with its Dual-Window feature Tap on the upper or lower side of the display to choose which side the window goes to, then tap the app icons, or drag them up or down. Nothing now, but users will love it.

Smart Cleaning App

Although LG G3 comes with a massive internal memory, but at the same time it is important to clean up the memory time to time. With LG's Smart Cleaning app, you can how much space is occupied by temporary files. All you need to go to setting and then, general menu.

Use LG G3 as Wi-Fi Hotspot

You can turn your LG G3 into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Go to settings >Networks menu >Tethering & networks to access them. Notably, up to 8 devices can connect to your Wi-Fi hotspot.

Multi-Photo Wallpaper Now Possible With LG G3

Until now, you are allowed to use only one wallpaper at a same time. Forget it! With the G3, you can use a different wallpaper one for each home-screen. Simply tap and hold on any empty space of your home-screen, tap ‘Wallpapers', and again tap ‘ Multi-Photo'. Select the images of your choice, and click ‘Apply'.

Smart Screen

The LG G3 has a built-in Smart screen feature which makes use of the front camera to check whether your eyes are looking at its screen. You can either enable or disable it, depending upon your choice. Simply, go to settings>display, and tap' Smart screen'.

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