LG G4 : 10 Features Every Fan Would Love To See And Use [Rumor Roudup]

We aren't going to see the LG G4 until around the middle of 2015, but we can still get excited, right? One thing that impresses us about LG, more than most smartphone manufacturers, is its innovation, and desire to act on user-feedback.

Let's hope that this tradition continues with the LG G4. Here is what we currently expect from this next-gen device.

Update: Reports are coming in that an LG executive has confirmed there will be no LG G4 at this years MWC 2015 conference. Here are some of the specifiation LG fans would like to see in the upcoming LG G4. Do take a glimpse and enjoy the slider below. 

Stay tuned ti Gizbot for more updates!

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

A metal chassis:

Back Panel

We really hope the LG G4 will go the whole hog and have a shell crafted from actual metal. Even Samsung's sticking metal in its phones now so LG really can't afford not to. We'd also appreciate it if they gave the G4 a unibody rather than having a removable back, as it's likely to feel more solid and premium as a result.

A battery saving mode:

Battery Conserving

Battery saving modes are all the rage these days, whether it's Sony's Stamina mode, HTC's Extreme power saving mode or Samsung's Ultra power saving mode, but the LG G3 doesn't have one. Now it already does a good job of conserving battery on the fly, by adapting the display and slowing down the processor when the extra horsepower isn't needed, but it would be great if the LG G4 went even further and had additional options that could be toggled as needed, just to squeeze even more juice out.

More power

Power Booster

More power is an obvious wish and an increasingly redundant one as most high end phones are levelling out and delivering near faultless performance. But the LG G3 actually did noticeably lag at times. Maybe that's down to the QHD display, maybe it's just down to poor optimisation, but whatever the reason we really hope LG sorts it out and gives us a faster phone in the LG G4.

A slicker interface:

Better UI

LG could also afford to do some more work on its interface. The G2's was a cluttered nightmare and the G3's was a big step in the right direction, but still not as slick as it could be. In particular we'd like to see improvements made to Smart Notice. This sits below the weather widget on the home screen and gives you tailored advice and suggestions, for example it might give you more details on the weather or suggest you add someone to your contacts if you call them a lot.

A better camera:


Recent rumours have suggested that we'll be getting what we wished for, with the LG G4 coming with a 16 megapixel snapper. We'd also like to be given more manual control. The LG G3 is great if you just want to point and shoot, but there aren't many options for those who want to adjust the exposure or ISO for example.

Lollipop love:


The details of the LG G4's specifications come from an Android 5.0 Lollipop Dump file which displays system information about the device it is installed on.Not only does this Dump file give us an idea of the hardware that the LG G4 could be using, but it also hints that the handset will come with Google's latest version of Android straight out of the box.

Knock Code Improvements:


We love Knock On - the ability to wake up your phone with a tap, but Knock Code, which takes things further by letting you also unlock your phone with a series of taps, just doesn't work all that well.The main problem is that if you touch the screen when picking the G3 up it registers that touch as the first tap and causes the pattern to be interpreted incorrectly. We're not quite sure how LG can get around that so it's a good thing we're not designing the G4, but hopefully LG has a solution because a feature which doesn't work is just an annoyance.

Front-facing speakers:


With support for high quality audio the LG G3 already does a great job when listening to music through a good pair of headphones, but its speaker isn't so hot either in terms of positioning or quality. For the LG G4 we'd like to see dual front-facing speakers, like those on the HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z3. It's a much more logical place for them, especially when you're watching something or playing a game. If LG can make the sound crisper and richer too then all the better.

A superior screen:

Better Display

This one might seem strange, after all the LG G3 is already QHD, but we're not talking about more pixels. Rather we'd like to see improved performance from the pixels that are already there. In particular the LG G3 suffers from a noticeable loss in brightness when not viewed square on, so if LG can sort that for the G4 we'd be pretty happy.

Water and dust resistance:


While not exactly a headline feature, water and dust resistance are undeniably nice things to have. We have to wonder how many people ever actively make use of the fact that they can submerge their smartphone, but knowing that it can survive a little water gives us some peace of mind. Sometimes we'd actually like to be able to use our phone while outside, without first crafting a makeshift shield from whatever else we happen to be carrying / wearing at the time.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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