LG G4 Spotted In New Urbane Smartwatch Video

LG is launching the Watch Urbane smartwatch on April 27th, and what better way to tease us and maintain interest in the deliciously stylish wearable than the release of a new video.

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LG G4 Spotted In New Urbane Smartwatch Video

The video shows the Watch Urbane in a variety of poses, and possibly shows off the upcoming G4 as well.

In the video you can see the Watch Urbane being worn by a man standing around looking awfully smug with life. And can you really blame him? Besides wearing the Watch Urbane, he is also waving around a smartphone that I suspect is the soon to be announced G4.

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The watch will launch on April 27, one day before the LG G4 flagship is supposed to go official. Quite a coincidence, you might think. Not at all, as it appears the two devices are strongly interconnected.

Smartwatches are made to be paired with smartphones, so the Watch Urbane will find a perfect partner in the coming LG G4. And that's probably what the company is trying to suggest here.

LG G4 Spotted In New Urbane Smartwatch Video

You can see in the image above, the audio jack is on the top of the device in the video while the G3's audio jack is on the bottom to the left of its charging port.

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The glimpse of the alleged G4 isn't enough to make any concrete assertions but we don't have too long to wait until we find out since the LG G4 is set to be officially launch on April 28th.

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