LG GT350i is the fastest way to conenct

Posted By: Rahul

LG GT350i is the fastest way to conenct

The LG GT350i is a feature phone that is a touchphone as well. It provides you with latest features and the best internet experience. The LG GT350i can also be called as a replacement to smartphones as it has technical specifications that can easily rival smartphones.

The features that the LG GT350i provides you are:

  • Full Internet browsing with Wi-Fi connection

  • One Touch Social Networking

  • 2 MP camera

  • Blacmail

  • 7.62cm full touchscreen

  • Push e-mail

These features make sure that you are not left behind in the technology race. They satisfy all your technical needs.

Let us look at the technical specifications of the LG GT350i

  • QWERTY slider

  • 140X400 Pixel resolution TFT screen

  • Camera has digital zoom along with video recording and image editing support

  • Built-In MP3 player with Pre-Set Equalizer, FM Radio, FM radio on speakerphone

  • 42 MB internal memory that can be expanded upto 8 GB

  • Dual Band, Tri Band and Quad Band network support

  • 950 mAh battery offers a talktime of upto 9hrs and standby time of upto 558hrs

  • Light Weight body

  • Multitasking supported effectively along with features like NDTV Active, Bluetooth, USB Data Transfer, Flight Mode and Anti-Theft Mobile Tracker

The LG GT350i is priced in India at Rs 7299. It is highly recommended for you this season. You are surely going to enjoy your mobile phone experience to the maximum.

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