LG To Make Triple-SIM Smartphone In Partnership With MediaTek

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If Dual SIM smartphones are not enough, then get ready to witness a Triple- SIM handset from LG. For that matter, Indian and Chinese consumers like to have dual SIM phones. LG already offers dual SIM handsets as well as a basic Triple-SIM phone in the Indian market.

 Now the makers behind Optimus G Pro are working on Triple- SIM smartphones.  Interestingly, LG has  partnered with MediaTek, a champion in offering affordable processors. The official press release issues by MediaTek does not mention about the exact release date of LG's first shot at making a Triple-SIM 3G smartphone. Whether the handset supports quad-core processor or dual-core processor is another mystery waiting to be solved.

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LG To Make Triple-SIM Smartphone In Partnership With MediaTek

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"Building on the success of its popular dual-SIM predecessor, 3G Triple-SIM technology allows for three SIM cards to be used simultaneously. Each can receive calls, transmit data, send SMS messages and remain in standby mode concurrently without consuming excessive battery life".

"A key feature of the 3G Triple-SIM solution is its high level of stability, which prevents the occurrence of dropped or poor-quality calls, and reaffirms MediaTek's reputation as the leading producer of multi-SIM chipset technologies".

If you think LG is the sole manufacturer working on Triple-SIM smartphone, then better have a look at MediaTek's future plans.

"With our long line of exciting new products in the works, we expect to bring many more affordable-premium mobile device solutions to emerging markets and others in the near future."

It is no where written in the press release that apart from LG, no other manufacturer is allowed to make Triple-SIM smartphones. This could mean that MediaTek may announce similar partnerships with Indian tech vendors in the coming days to come. Dual SIM handsets are selling crazy in India in the lower segment. Players like Nokia, Micromax, and Karbonn currently rules Dual SIM market.

Did you know that LG offers Triple -SIM phone in India? Have a look!

LG A290: Triple -SIM phone

The LG A290 is a basic color phone with a 2.2-inch display having resolution of 175 x 220 pixels. Being a bar phone, it doesn't give you smartphone like experience. It has a standard 17MB of internal memory, a microSD card (4GB supported), a 3.5mm headphone jack, video player, FM Radio and an affordable price of Rs. 3,800.

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