LG Marquee

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LG Marquee
LG Mobile is seriously concerned about its female customers, or at least that's where it plans to focus its marketing efforts on for its newest mobile which is being called the "Lg Marquee ." An attractive price and a great style is how LG wishes to do it. So concerned is LG about ensuring young women get attracted to the Marquee Android smartphone that it has secured the services of ace fashion designer Rachel Zoe.

As part of a massive promotional campaign, LG Mobile has sponsored a web series called "Style Rules" which is basically a competition where Rachel Zoe asks style bloggers to create styles that are synonymous with what the "Lg Marquee" brand stands for - "Thin, Light and Bright." Lg Marquee has been launched on October 2, 2011, and so has the web series with a plan to air six episodes through November with one every week. The series will be broadcast on the sites of the Alloy Digital Network.

LG Mobile wishes to capitalize on the soaring popularity of smartphones in the US following the massive success of Nokia's Android mobiles, Apple's iPhone and Samsung. It believes the best way to do it is by positioning itself as a lifestyle brand which is something that gels with its advertising slogan, "Life's Good." The Style Rules web series and the presence of Rachel Zoe could, LG believes, play a major part in attracting young female customers. It could be a runaway success, but it's a bit na

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