LG Optimus models get Gingerbread upgrade

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LG Optimus models get Gingerbread upgrade

LG is one of the global market leaders when it comes to electronics. LG has made their debut in the mobile phone scenario only a few years back .From the day they have unveiled a very wide variety of phones. There range of phones includes the one suitable for the common man to very high end phones. With the advent of smart phone technology LG has made quite some contribution to the smart phone range. With their Optimus range they were able to grab a respectful chunk of the market share.

LG started to use android platform in its models from the LG Optimus one model. From there onwards there have been numerous models LG has rolled out in android platform. LG is famous for their delay in bringing about updates in their android platforms. This marketing strategy of LG is always under question by the critics and LG users.

After a much awaited wait LG announces that there Optimus range phones would get android Ginger bread platform upgrade. This is also known as the android version 2.3.The company is doing the upgrades for the Optimus black, LG Optimus 3D and LG Optimus 2X devices.

The ironic fact is that the company is announcing this upgrade when the whole world is after Google android ice-cream sandwich version or the android version 4.0.

There was also an android version in between the two, but it was mainly intended for tablet computers. Minor tweaks in the honeycomb version lead to the development and release on honeycomb version 3.1 and Honey comb version 3.2. But they were all meant for tablets of broader screen size.

The android version 2.3 packs in whole lot of features. The new on-screen keyboard in this version has faster input capability. Copying and pasting has also been made more simple and efficient here in the ginger bread platform. The user interface is completely changed with the introduction of newer bold color schemes.

It appears that the user interface has become friendlier. It provides much better power management options along with the option for closing applications running in the background. It also provides a download manager through which all the files downloaded from the net can be manipulated from one place. There are also a large number of tweaks in this new version that are spread out through out the user interface.

Most of this features where welcomed whole heartedly by the android community.

LG Optimus 2X will be the first to get the update and on November first. This will be followed by LG Optimus 3D on November 21 and last for LG Optimus black on November 28. The dates mentioned above are for Europe and the other countries will follow. The dates for other countries are not announced and the company is keeping a tight lip approach for the same till now.

There has been information that the timing and date of the release of updates for each model in different countries will be posted on their respective websites.

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