LG SV770 Waffle affordable mobile phones to be available shortly

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LG SV770 Waffle affordable mobile phones to be available shortly

Mobile phones come in all sizes and form factors. Many of the phones now days feature a candy bar or block form factor. Each design has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Slider design phones has the advantage that they feature a full alpha numeric keypad and yet they are compact and small because of the fact that the keypad can be slide under the top part.

LG has plans to launch LG SV770 Waffle very soon. The small slider design phone with lot of features is expected to make good sales in the market.


  • 2.4 inch TFT display

  • Screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels

  • 2 mega pixel camera

  • Video recording ability

  • Media player

  • Bluetooth

  • Expandable memory

  • Sliding keypad

The phones design is very beautiful and the ergonomics is very good. The body has a glossy finish but it is not much of a finger print attractor. Its shape is well curved and LG SV770 Waffle comes in 3 different colour options. They include gold, black as well as white. The sliding keypad has keys that are sufficiently spaced apart and they feature soft touch buttons. When the world is moving behind full touch screen phones there may be a particular group of people who are on the look out for phones like this. Since it weighs only 95 grams it is extremely light in the pocket too.

The screen is sufficiently big and with that much resolution it would be very good to see videos and pictures in it. The camera can take pictures with very good resolution and can record moderate quality videos too. The internal memory of the phone can hold up enough phone book entries as well as call lists. Also your complete inbox can be saved to the phone along with other documents as well as pictures. If you run out of phone memory an external memory card can be added and the phone supports external memory cards of up to 4 GB.

LG SV770 Waffle is a full multimedia device which has a built in media player. The media player supports all the common audio as well as video files. The full HTML browser allows you to browse through and access all the needed websites. Also the phone comes with connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB support.

LG SV770 Waffle’s actual price is not known but is expected to be very reasonable.

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