4G Battle: LG Thrill Vs Samsung Exhibit

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4G Battle: LG Thrill Vs Samsung Exhibit
Smartphones have always been on the war front ever since multiple manufacturers began making them. These phones were seen as a battle ground to showcase the capacity of a mobile handset manufacturer when it comes to implementing new and revolutionary concepts and features.

Two prominent manufacturers of Smartphones are LG and Samsung. These brands have made some of the most sophisticated Smartphones in the industry. They have been credited with bringing in Smartphones to the masses by providing aggressively and economically priced high end Smartphones that were affordable by many people especially in India where there has been a steady rise in the middle class population and the concept of disposable income brought alive by several IT and ITES companies.

Today we compare 2 Smartphones form LG and Samsung. The models are the LG Thrill 4G and Samsung Exhibit 4G. Both are upcoming Smartphones and they have an interesting feature that will soon grip the Smartphone category i.e. 4G.

On the looks department both the phones are designed with a corporate look and is simple and elegant to look at. They feature large touch screen based capacitive displays but the LG Thrill has the larger display of the two.

The phones are rich in multimedia and entertainment specs and both are loaded with all the stuff to satisfy all your needs pertaining to these two sections. The phones have capability to support audio and video playback and recording in a wide variety of well known multimedia formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, WMV and much more. They have support for playback of even high definition video in all formats. But the Thrill has a 3D screen and is capable of providing 3D content playback which is a bonus.

Both the phones have a 3.5 mm headphone jack and FM stereo radio in common. They have good quality speakers also.

On the camera front neither of the 2 disappoints but the LG Thrill has a more powerful 5 Mega Pixel camera with video recording compared to the 3 Mega Pixel of the Samsung Exhibit. Both have secondary front cameras too. But the LG Thrill offers 1080p video recording ion comparison to the Samsung Exhibit that offers VGA recording.

On the connectivity front both have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi internet connectivity in addition to communication technologies like GPRS and EDGE and also come equipped with 3G and 4G connectivity. But the Samsung Exhibit has a higher data transfer speed in comparison to the Thrill.

The prices of both the models are unknown at this time and if they are similarly priced then the LG Thrill would be better option.

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