LG to showcase Intel Medfield android phone

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LG to showcase Intel Medfield android phone

2011 was a great year for gadget buffs, as it proved to be the best year yet. A number of super cool gadgets, namely mobile handsets, docking stations, music devices, tablets, and computers were launched. Great new technologies made history coming integrated with many gadgets. Hopefully, 2012 is going to be far better with the launch of cooler gadgets.

On January, 2012, Consumer Electronics Show for the New Year is going to take place, where there would be many manufacturers exhibiting their new products going to be released that year.

Consumers get to see up-close, a number of prototypes of new handsets. Reportedly LG will also be appearing at the event as usual, so as to exhibit their new Android phone. It is not just another android phone. LG’s new Android phone is powered by Intel’s Medfield SoC. LG hasn’t confirmed these reports yet. But recently, it was reported that one of LG’s top managers let the Korea Times know that LG will be launching a new Intel powered Android phone.

Intel’s Medfield mobile processor is considered to be one of the most powerful, super fast processors ever made. The Intel Medfield Platform is said to sport a 32 mm Intel Atom processor. Integrating it with a handset running in Google’s Android operating system is not a simple task. But LG is willing to take the risk and invest a lot for promotion and manufacturing, reportedly. Rumors keep coming in claim that the LG Intel powered Android phone has some muscles and is almost similar to iPhones in size.

Except from the fact LG is all set to exhibit their new Intel Medfield powered handset at the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas in 2012; LG hasn’t given any word about it till now. The news made a lot of hype and apparently a lot of gadget forums have started assuming the specifications of the handset. Lee Hee-Sung, an Intel Chief in Korea announced that Intel’s first Android smartphone will be showcased in CES 2012.

There are rumors even regarding the business between LG and Intel. Many rumors claim that Intel is giving a major subsidy to LG for using their Medfield SoC. To know more about the handsets, the specifications etc, we are going to have to wait till January 9 for the CES Event to happen.

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