LG's Wireless Charging Dock for G3 Smartphone Leaks Online

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LG's flagship smartphone G3 which is going to be launched today in couple of hours, is not that big a surprise as such for those who have been following the online leaks and rumors about the phone. It's not only the phone that has been leaked in the recent past, but accessories as well.

LG's Wireless Charging Dock for G3 Smartphone Leaks Online

Moreover, today prior to the launch of the handset, one more accessory has come up to our notice. This is the wireless charging dock. The first accessory that we last saw is the QuickCircle Cases which will enable users to use certain functions of the phone from a circular window in the case.

LG's Wireless Charging Dock for G3 Smartphone Leaks Online

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To be more precise, this QuickCircle case lets users check the time, place calls, send text messages, take photos, listen to music and more from the circular window, without opening the case. The case is somewhat similar to the S-View cover from Samsung.

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Now talking about the latest accessory- the wireless charging dock, which has been recently leaked online, it looks like it is a portable device, which can fold and become even smaller. The charging dock apparently works like a stand for the phone that will enable users to use the phone at the time of charging.

Obviously, the smartphone can be placed vertically as well as horizontally for charging on the dock. The leaked variant of the wireless charging dock for LG G3 comes in white color, and we don't have any information if it has any other color variants as well.

The image comes courtesy of webtrek- an Italian site. But the site doesn't reveal any information about the pricing of the accessory. Nor the availability has been mentioned anywhere.

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