Lumia 925 vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z: Which is The Best Camera Phone?

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This past week, the Finnish giant Nokia announced it's much appreciated - Lumia 925 in London. Known for crafting great camera devices, the struggling mobile phone maker is now claiming to have won the first battle. That said, the camera being the most essential reason to buy the new Lumia 925. And to give an overview of how the Nokia Lumia 925 performed in low light conditions -it has to be compared to biggies including the HTC One and iPhone 5. So, the company publicly published the results via a blog post on Nokia Conversations.

"We've taken comparison shots using the Nokia Lumia 925 and a number of its closest competitors, the same low-lit scenes using the automatic settings for all the pictures. We've avoided the temptation to make comments, but we think that the differences are pretty striking."

Well, going by the published images taken from Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 5, HTC One along with the Nokia Lumia 925; the One just managed to outdone its competitors. The second spot should be given to Windows 8 powered Lumia 925. The Samsung Galaxy S4 performed miserably bad when pitted against HTC One and iPhone 5.

HTC always stressed hard on how its UltraPixel camera, is the best when compared to Apple iPhone5. Just after the announcement of HTC One, the first sample images taken by the former handset was compared to Apple iPhone 5. In the outdoors, it was hard to compare the difference, while the photos clicked in the low light settings were in favor of HTC One. The Taiwanese giant says the UltraPixel sensor invites 300 per cent more light making the camera optimal to shoot images in low light settings.

On the other hand the Cupertino -based Apple, is now trying hard to highlight the maturity level of iPhone 5 in the camera department. Their last advert touts Apple iPhone 5 as the world's best camera phone. Japanese giant Sony is also not far behind. In their latest advert featuring Katrina Kaif, Sony highlighted how they have used Cyber-shot technology to make the Xperia Z such a nice camera phone. Lastly, Samsung is least bothered about the quality of images shot by Galaxy S4. They showed more concern about glittering software additions added to make images more natural. Is it just a claim to fame or in reality Galaxy S4 is an underperformer in the camera department? Stay tuned to GizBot.

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