Micromax In Product Innovation & Marketing!

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Micromax In Product Innovation & Marketing!
Micromax is definitely one of the fastest growing mobile phone brands in India. The brand is well known for its affordable handsets. Micromax first entered as hardware distributor and gradually focused to the mobile handset segment. With a diverse and innovative marketing strategy, this mobile phone brand succeeded in nurturing its own identity in the telecom market. The company initially focused to provide high tech information to rural areas where common man can also utilize its advantages.

Micromax captured the Indian markets by analyzing the needs of the customers. First they introduced its footprint in rural markets by studying the limitations of common man. They always choose user friendly mobile phones with a good battery back-up. By realizing the market trends, they introduced mobile handsets with a low cost QWERTY keypad, long lasting battery life and easy to operate applications. A successful response from the rural market fostered them to enter the urban sector as well.

One of the plus points of Micromax distribution strategy is their success in having assured margin by making the dealers pay in advance. This makes their dealers more responsible to widen the margins. As far as marketers are concerned, cash collection is really a tough task for them. That"s why Micromax came up with this strategy to expand their margins by making dealers commit to the same upfront itself.

Micromax has paid much attention to product design by launching models specifically targeting micro targeted consumer segments. They have been successful in rolling out all kinds of desi models of Dual SIM, CDMA, Multimedia, Smart phones and Android phones in such a short span of time. They have come up with models suiting the tastes of segments like rural consumers, women, students, business guys and so on.

Because of this wide product range and reasonable pricing level Micromax has grabbed a significant market share. Their innovative marketing tips itself makes them to be a star in this competitive world. They have proved that their marketing strategies can beat the threshold levels of the current competition especially from global giants. Their thorough understanding of the customer demands enabled them to create their own unique brand in India.

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