Microsoft announces Windows phone update

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Microsoft announces Windows phone update

Microsoft has very recently released a beta version of Windows phone 7.5 Mango. This maintenance build of the operating system is mainly for its partners to do all the testing and find out if there are any issues with it. The new Windows phone 7.5 Mango build 8107 has been introduced after considering many issues related to Gmail synchronization, keyboard etc.

Plaffo, an Italian website claims that they have got a copy of this operating system and has posted some details about it. This new version of Windows mobile operating system is to fix many existing bugs and bring about further improvements for their Mango update. The new operating system version is 7.10.8107.79.

When the Mango update was installed many users found out that their on-screen keyboard went missing. It caused a lot of difficulties for the user since they could not type out anything. This problem is fixed here. Another main fix is in the Wi-Fi hot spot information grabbing feature. It has caused a lot of controversies in the tech world. In this update the user has to give permission for the location services of the device in order access the Wi-Fi network and to pass on the information of near Wi-Fi hot spots. The reviewers at Plaffo claim that there is no fix on the SMS vulnerability glitch which was faced by many users.

This update may not be the one which is going to be launched around the world for the Windows Mango device owners. This is currently being provided to all the operators and support personnel’s, to do vigorous testing on it and to check the compatibility. If any further bugs and glitches are found the software version will undergo more changes.

Microsoft is keeping a tight lipped approach to their new operating system release too. It was rumoured to be released sometime in the first few months of 2012. News about the simplified version of the Windows Mango which is termed as the Windows phone 7X Tango has been out there in the tech world for quite some time now.

This new operating system is said to pack in a lot of cutting edge features and if properly executed will cause some serious competition for the android market. More information about this may be available in the coming weeks or at least the tech enthusiasts would be able to squeeze out some more information from the officials.

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