Microsoft Hints At Windows Phone 8.1 Via Official Website

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Microsoft is already preparing for the big day i.e. Build Conference which is slated for early April this year. Moreover, the excitement among the smartphone lovers are all centered around the company's Windows Phone 8.1 update which is expected to be launched on the very day.

Microsoft Hints At Windows Phone 8.1 Via Official Website

We already have close to full information about what new features the update is going to bring about in the devices. Moreover, the rumors are that the update is more of a revamped OS rather than an update.

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However, there were also rumors that it would be called Windows Phone 9. But so far there is no confirmed information about what name the company is choosing for this one.

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Moreover, the software giant has already started sort of teasing it already, by mistake or intentionally, we don't know for sure. It has listed Windows Phone 8.1 next to Windows Phone 8 on the platform's official website.

But if you click the WP 8.1 link, you should in fact reach the page with "top features" of the OS. That's not the case here but you'll see a "Not found" page instead.

Of all the new features that will be included in the new update there will be a support for on-screen buttons, a personal voice assistant called Cortana, a new notification center called Action Center, dual SIM support, and compatibility with new Qualcomm SoCs (including the Snapdragon 400 and 200).


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