Microsoft to hold Lumia Event on May 12: Nokia Lumia 630 Coming Soon With 5 India-Centric Features

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Microsoft and Nokia have been in news for the last few weeks due to an assorted range of reasons. While, Nokia has been highlighted in the recent past for releasing its first ever Android-based device, it has also seen a lot of action after the recent acquisition of its Mobiles division via Microsoft.

However, keeping up with all the latest events following the company, Microsoft is finally set to lift the veil off its upcoming Windows Phone 8.1-powered range in India. GizBot has recently got an invite from the company for its upcoming press conference on May 12, 2014.

The press invite says, 'The Power of Two and GizBot has come to know from an inside source that Lumia 630 Dual SIM variant launch is set to happen on the same day. Apparently, the Lumia 630 is also the first Lumia-based dual SIM supporting device, which goes with the invite message.

Moreover, fans will also be interested to know that both the Lumia 630 single SIM variant and the Lumia 630 dual SIM variant have already been listed on the company's India store with a "coming soon" tag to it.

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Needless to say, if Lumia 630 arrived on May 12th, the smartphone perfectly sets up to be more of an India-centric phone, with the dual SIM capability coming as a burning proof for it. But if we were to get even closer with the device, which would have been the features or specs that would grab the limelight?

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Here are the top 5 features the Lumia 630 will arrive with in accordance with its Indian fan base.

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Dual SIM Capabilities

A phone that will arrive supporting two different carrier SIMs at the same time is bound to be a major hit in the Indian market. And the upcoming Lumia 630, it's quite safe to say, is heading toward that direction.

A dual SIM device opens up a lot of possibilities, while making sure that none of your important calls are missed while you were busy taking another.

Changeable Covers

Imagine a phone that you could decorate and re-decorate almost everyday of the week to give it a brand new look (and obviously be the talking point among your friends).

Well, the Nokia Lumia 630 is allowing just that by offering the device with the changeable cover option so that you'll be able to swap things around a bit to match your mood.

Windows Phone 8.1

You may not be able to afford the latest Android KitKat running device that you were looking for. But a device running the latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system is not that bad a deal as well.

Users, with the Windows Phone 8.1 built into their phones, can now enjoy typing by swiping with Word Flow, which is also one of the fastest keyboard around. Users can also check out all their chats, social updates and settings with just one swipe via the new Action Center.

Apart from that, users can also personalize their start screens by adding a background photo to spice up the Live tiles that anyway will offer you latest updates.


With OneDrive in place, users can store and access all of their photos, videos and files from anywhere. You will also be interested to know that the first 7GB of storage comes free, so that you can have plenty of space in the cloud to get things done.

It doesn't matter if you are on your smartphone, Xbox, tablet or computer. OneDrive will effectively sync with everything.

MixRadio Personal Radio Station

Radio is a huge attraction in India with a host of different radio channels serving the peppiest Bollywood tracks all day long for the masses.

Now with the Lumia 630, users can enjoy potentially unlimited, commercial-free music streaming at no additional cost via the new MixRadio feature built into the device.

Already arriving pre-installed with the device, MixRadio allows you to choose from hundreds of regularly-updated mixes or even customize the music experience. You can even listen to your favorite tracks even if you are offline.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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